How To Choose the Best Nicotine Strength E-liquids?

It’s not every day you get an e-liquid with the type of flavor and strength that hits home. But WHEN you do, you know you have something special on your hands. So how much better would your vaping experience be if you can consistently choose the vape juice with the perfect flavor and nicotine strength? This post explains how to select the most appropriate e-liquids strength for your taste and preference. 

Selecting the “best” of any product is quite challenging. After all, what might be appealing to you may not work for someone else. That’s often the reason why the recommendations of others may not be the best way to choose taste-dependent products like nicotine e-liquids. 

Therefore, you need a systematic approach that helps you objectively decide the brands with the best e-liquid to try and which nicotine level to vape. If you’re ready to take your vaping experience higher, continue reading. 

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What is Nicotine Strength?

Nicotine strength is simply the amount of nicotine compound in your e-juice. E-liquid producers display nicotine strengths on their products in diverse ways. At times, you’ll see it expressed as a percentage. Other times, it’s written in milligrams (mg). 

Although different, these two can tell you the same thing about the amount of nicotine every milliliter (ml) of vape juice contains. 

Let’s elaborate further. A bottle of e-juice that contains 20ml of liquid with 20mg/ml of nicotine has only 2 percent of nicotine. The same applies if the nicotine appears at 2%. Hence, the smaller the percentage or mg/ml, the lower the amount of nicotine your vape juice contains. 

Generally speaking, higher nicotine levels provide stronger throat hits. Therefore, heavy smokers are usually comfortable with more nicotine and vice versa. However, it’s needful to state that other factors like how often you vape and the type of kit you use can affect the nicotine strength. 

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Factors Affecting E-liquid Strength

During the early days of the e-cig, the strength of e-liquids was vital because vapers at that time had to choose from limited choices. However, at the time, vaping wasn’t embraced as the popular alternative to traditional smoking. Plus, the device back then didn’t have the mechanism to adjust the throat hit and vapor output. 

Back then, you had to try various vape flavors to determine the best for you. But this try and error approach is no longer necessary. Today, you can decide your throat hit and nicotine level merely by increasing the output wattage or voltage and switching the resistance of your atomizer head. 

Consequently, vapers can now use sub-ohm or lower resistance atomizers that heat up quickly and produce potent throat hits and more vapor. On the other hand, using higher resistance atomizer heads heats up slowly, resulting in weaker throat hits and lesser vapor. 

Let’s put this into perspective. Assuming you decide to vape with a sub-ohm atomizer and a 1.8% nicotine strength Bronco - Kure on Tap Prime, you’ll experience an extremely potent throat hit. But it’s a different story if you combine the higher resistance atomizer head with the same Kure on Tap prime flavor and nicotine strength.  

Ultimately, it boils down to getting the ideal balance of vape tank, mod, and atomizer head. Together, these complement the nicotine strength and ensure a consistently pleasant vaping experience. 

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Deciding The Best Nicotine Strength for You

Choosing the best e-liquid strength is a serious dilemma for many vape users. But the simple answer is your smoking habits. So before attempting to answer this question, you need to carefully consider the number of rounds you smoke per day and go from there. 

Those making the switch from smoking usually have to try different strong e-liquid to help them cope. If you find yourself in this situation, you can try the Kure On Tap Prime Range of e-liquids to help find the right one that you can slowly reduce. Apart from your vaping device, here are the key things to consider. 

Smoking Equivalency

For former smokers, the right e-liquids have to provide a nicotine strength that’s equivalent or at least comparable to the pleasure of cigarettes. Therefore, if you formerly smoked heavily, you should start looking at higher nicotine levels and stronger throat hits. But their lighter nicotine strengths are also worth a try over time. 

Vaping Frequency

If you frequently vape during the day, e-liquids with higher nicotine strengths might not be the best option for you. That’s because getting such strong throat hits and intense flavors in extended vaping sessions each day may take its toll. Therefore, nicotine levels ranging from 6mg/mL to 12mg/mL are better suited for those who vape sparingly. Whereas 0mg/mL to 3mg/mL should work for more active frequent vapers. You can try various vape flavors here.

Essential Pro Tips

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  • Fine-tune your throat hit - Assuming you prefer a good throat hit without a high nicotine strength; you should use an e-juice with 50:50 PG/VG. The higher the PG, the closer your experience will be to that of the traditional cigarette. 
  • In case of any doubts, lower the nicotine strength - At times, the best option is to slightly reduce your nicotine strength so avoid getting a nic headache. This can be particularly useful if it’s your first time vaping. Believe it or not, you want your first time vaping to be a fond and memorable experience. 
  • Trust the process - Heavy smokers shouldn’t shy away from high nicotine e-liquids if that’s what they enjoy. It makes no difference as long as it allows you to achieve your vaping goals. In the long run, you can lower the strength. 
  • Use the right device - As earlier stated, some vaping mods are better suited for vaping stronger strength e-liquids. Therefore, you’ll require the right vaping kit for the optimal experience, whether you choose higher or lower strength e-juices. 

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Final Words

Selecting the vape juice that’s right for your present tolerance of nicotine is vital during the early days of your switch. Go too low on the nicotine, and you will not feel any satisfaction. On the flip side, too much nicotine just feels too intense to the taste. 

Hence, you have to set your sights on the right nicotine level for the smoothest transition and best moments with your vaping kits. Using the information provided in this guide, you can boldly make an informed pick and save yourself the hassle of dealing with the stress that comes with the trial and error approach. Your vapors should hit a home run, guaranteed!

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