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SMOK Tech offers a quality guarantee period of 6 (SIX) months starting from date of purchase (‘Warranty Period’). Atomizers, tanks, drip tips, pods, e-liquids, and other consumable products are not covered under warranty. Some items may not be eligible for service due to misuse, damage, or other failures caused other than by manufacturer defects or premature failure.

If you have tried troubleshooting the issue with your device and it is still not working, proceed to the IN-WARRANTY section of this web page. If you have any questions, need help troubleshooting your device, or are unsure whether your item is covered under warranty, please contact the Authorized SMOK Tech Warranty team at (704) 696-8900, or stop by any of our Kure stores.

Warranty Contact Info

(704) 696-8900

Kure CBD & Vape
Attn: Authorized SMOK Tech Service Provider
130 Oak Park Dr. Suite B
Mooresville, NC 28115

ATTENTION: Please do not send in any accessories, tanks, batteries, or other items with your device. Kure CBD & Vape will not be liable for missing items.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time for evaluation and service is between 3-5 days from the day Kure receives your shipment. For out of stock items, please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

Shipping Fees

You are responsible for the cost of shipping your item to Kure CBD & Vapes. If your item is covered under warranty, return shipping will be provided at no charge. If your item is not covered under warranty, you will be responsible for any costs associated with return shipping.

How long will it take to get a replacement device?

From the day that we receive your device, it generally takes 3-5 business days to send the replacement. Please note that this will be longer for devices that we do not have in stock. For items that we do not have in stock, it typically takes around 2-4 weeks. You can also visit Kure Vaporium or Kure CBD & Vape location near you.

Does SmokTech's Warranty cover tanks/coils/pods?

Tanks, along with other consumable products, are not covered by the manufactures warranty.

Can you help me with my order through

If you placed your order directly though the manufacturer, we do not have access to those orders or any order information. To contact SmokTech about your order, you would need to reach out to them via their email:,

Does my warranty start over when I get my replacement?

Warranties do not start over when you receive your replacement device. The warranty on a replacement item is either the remainder of your original six months or an additional 30 days, whichever is longer.

How long is SmokTech's Warranty?

All SmokTech products have a six-month warranty unless otherwise stated in the packaging.

Do I have to register my device for the warranty?

All SmokTech products have a six-month warranty unless otherwise stated in the packaging.

My tank is leaking, is this covered under warranty?

SmokTech’s warranty does not cover coils, pods, or tanks. Therefore, leaking is not covered by their warranty. There are some simple troubleshooting tips for this issue that are listed below.

  • Make sure that the coil is inserted correctly into the tank/pod.
  • Ensure that the seals are in their proper place and not damaged
  • Change the coil to a new one.
  • Try using a thicker e-liquid. (High VG)

What is an acceptable proof of purchase?

Forms of documentation that we accept as proof of purchase are the original receipt, an online email order confirmation, your bank statement showing the specific transaction, or even a reprinted receipt from your store. However, we cannot accept a handwritten receipt.

Do I have to pay for the shipping?

You are responsible for providing the postage to send the defective device to us here at the warranty center. If your device is covered under warranty, we provide your new device’s postage back to you. If the item is not covered under warranty you are responsible for the postage of the out of warranty device back to you.

What do I need to return when I ship in the device?

When sending in your device for warranty, all you need to send is your device’s bottom/battery portion and your warranty claim number. Please do not send in any external batteries, tanks, pods, coils, cables, or other accessories. The warranty center is not liable for any missing items.

Can I get a refund if I do not want to receive a replacement?

No we cannot. We can swap out the defective device with a new one if the item is covered under warranty. We do not handle the exchange of any currency, such as a refund or a coupon to purchase a new device. Any refund would have to be done through the store where the device was purchased.

What is covered under SmokTech's Warranty?

SmokTech’s warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the battery portion of their devices within six months of purchase.

Are the replacements that you send out refurbished?

As it is against the FDA’s regulations to do any repair work to vaping devices, we do not have the ability to repair any products. All the products that we receive come new directly from the manufacturer.

Do you sell parts or know where I can get parts so that I can fix my device?

The manufacturer does not send us spare parts for the devices as we cannot do repair work. If the device has a manufacturing defect and was purchased within the last six months, you can fill out a warranty claim so that we can get it swapped with a new one for you.

How do I get an update on my warranty claim?

To receive an update on your warranty claim you can use the live chat option on our website or call our guest services line at (704)-696-8900. If we encounter an issue while processing your claim, you will receive and email to help us resolve the issue.

How do I properly charge my device?

For any device that requires external batteries, it is recommended to use an external bay battery charger to charge your batteries. When charging an internal battery device, you would need to use a low amp charging adapter (0.5 -1.0 amp). When the device is done charging, you would then unplug the device. Do not leave the battery on the charger overnight or for an excessive amount of time after the battery has finished charging, as this will wear out the lifespan of the battery.

What doesn't the warranty cover?

The warranty does not cover any lost or stolen items, dropped devices, water damage, or any other form of damage caused by the consumer. The manufacturer also does not cover consumable products such as coils, pods, and tanks.

Do I have to submit multiple claims if I have more than one defective device?

You do not have to submit a new claim online for every device you have if you plan to send them all in at the same time. In the online form section where it asks for a description of what is going on with the device, you would state that there are multiple devices and what is wrong with each device.

How do I prime my coil?

  1. Make sure that the coil is inserted properly into the tank/pod.
  2. Open the fill port.
  3. Fill the tank/pod while paying careful attention, not get any e-liquid down the central airflow tube.
  4. Close the cap carefully and firmly, then let the tank/pod sit for 10-15 minutes to allow the cotton to become fully saturated in the e-liquid before using it.