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High Stakes in Vaping Court Cases

There are major court cases pushing back against the FDAs PMTA process and the fairness of their MDOs. Here is what is going on in courtrooms nationwide.


Vape-Related Illnesses: Know The Facts

Last year, several cases of “vape-related illnesses” began popping up in the United States. However, while the story itself has died down, much of the misinformation from that time is still around. This has unfortunately created a lot of misconceptions about vaping, which is why we want to make sure people are aware of what the truth really is.


Vaping and COVID-19: Clearing The Air

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of people worried about what could increase their risk of getting sick. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of misleading claims being made about how vaping apparently can put someone at a higher risk. However, the actual research tells a different story