Vaporesso Xros Versus Smok Novo 3: Battle of Best Refillable Vape Pod Kit

It’s simple! If you want to get the best vaping experience, you need to use the best vaping products. There are no shortcuts, hacks, or tips that will offer you what an excellent refillable pod vape kit can, provided you choose the right model. But here’s the tricky part, how do you know the best pod system to purchase? 

Well, using the word “best” means a lot of suitable devices are out of consideration. Hence, leaving you with a specific selection like the Vaporesso Xros and the Smok Novo 3 vape pod systems. Experts and those who know about these two pod vapes are aware of their reputation among other devices in the vape market and consider them two of the best pod vapes.

However, for today’s post, only one can come out ahead between these pod systems. This is why crucial aspects such as the vape juice capacity, taste, performance, and battery life of each pod device require careful consideration to determine the best choice. 

Thus, you can make an informed decision at the end, knowing you don’t have to browse from a range of products at the hardware section and leave with a purchase you will regret. Let’s begin by explaining the refillable pods and what it does. 

Understanding the Pod System

The vaping pod system is a welcomed upgrade from your traditional e-cigarette and a step below the more advanced personal vaporizer mods. Pod vapes offer a great middle ground for anyone looking to vape. The average person switching from smoking to e-cigarettes may find these advanced and big vaporizer mods too complicated to use. 

Likewise, the basic e-cigarette is also deficient in terms of control for such users. On the contrary, vaping pod systems offer the best experience and functionality for such people. Thus, providing the best of both worlds. They go by the name “pod” due to the small e-liquid refills explicitly designed for them.  

You can purchase them with pre-filled pods or buy different flavors of e-juice like refillable CBD vape pods. 

The ideal pod system offers a simple vaping mechanism, compact design, and stealth. Now that you understand the pod system and what it's supposed to bring to vapers let’s compare the Novo pod kit with the Xros.


Vaporesso Xros

If you’re searching for a device that combines the best aspects of the vape pen and pod systems, you should consider an upgrade to the Vaporesso kit. The Vaporesso Xros is both a pen and a pod system at the same time. At first glance, it’s similar in looks to the Caliburn-inspired devices, apart from the stainless-steel exterior. 


  • Compact and durable
  • Beautifully designed
  • Rugged outer coating
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Very flavorful
  • 800 mAh battery
  • Convenient to guagable e-liquid level
  • Comprehensive 4-layered liquid protection
  • Button/draw activation
  • Supports USB-C chargers
  • Pods available in 1.2 or 0.8 Ohms
  • Fast charge time


  • Weak throat hit
  • Known to consume e-juice quickly
  • Odd placement of airflow toggle
  • Unchangeable coils

Product Specs

  • 800 mAh battery
  • Max 20 watts output
  • Type -C 5 V/1 A
  • 2 mL cartridge capacity
  • Resistance: 1.2 ohm mesh/ 0.8 ohm mesh
  • Clamshell top filling

Design and Build Quality

The total weight of the kit is about 54 grams, even with a full pod. Dimensions are 112 mm x 12mm x 23 mm, making for a compact and sleek body that fits easily into most pockets. It’s not the flashiest design on the market, but that’s on purpose since it helps when you decide to go into stealth mode. If you’re not a fan of brand logos, you’ll warm up to the Xros because you can only see the Vaporesso brand faintly written at the bottom. It comes in colors like black, silver, etc. 

Battery Life And Charging

The Xros comes with an 800 mAh battery. Compared to the Calliburn’s 520 mAh, you should get a lot of vape time with one charge. That’s not bad for a vape device of this size and weight. You should get enough power to get you through a day’s use without any problem, mainly if you’re using the 1.2-ohm coil and 30-50 mg nic salt. 

However, using other pod, 0.8 ohm, may not last an entire day. But charging takes no more than 45 minutes, according to the manufacturer. Sounds interesting, but more exciting is the fact that it supports passthrough charging. Hence, you can enjoy a few puffs while your Xros charges. 


The refillable pods on Xros have a boxy and sharp design. At our next Vaporesso sale, watch out for the “clamshell-style” mouthpiece. It comprises a shiny black PCTG material. Currently, you can get two pods for your Xros, the 1.2 ohms, and 0.8 ohms. Each of these requires cotton wicking and mesh coils to work. The interior of the pod is layered with four levels of silicon to leak-proof it. 


Three slots serve as air passages when vaping. Even better, you can toggle them to adjust the draw. When it’s fully open, it is like that of a restrictive direct-lung. Changing to two holes is also similarly restrictive. However, you’ll notice drastic differences in one hole. This is the setting that will give you an MTL draw. Remember always to hold the device properly; else, you may cover the holes with your hands. 


Smok Novo 3

On paper, the Novo 3 doesn’t appear too different from its predecessor, the Novo 2, which was released in 2019. Their sizes, highest wattage output, and battery capacity are the same. However, the new release’s distinctive feature is the 0.8-ohm pod system, although the new Novo 800mAh pod kit is still compatible with Novo 2 pods. 


  • 800 mAh battery
  • Portable and compact body
  • Robust vapor production
  • 2 mL vape juice capacity
  • Supports DL and MTL pods (Novo and Novo 2 pods)
  • Adequately restrictive lung draw
  • Expedient filling mechanism
  • Quite flavorful
  • Comfortable to the touch
  • Leak-proof 


  • Difficult to gauge juice levels
  • It needs turning off to prevent firing in pocket 

Product Specs

  • Weight: 43 g
  • 1.4-ohm standard coil
  • Regular USB charging
  • 0.6-ohm mesh coil
  • 6-25 W output
  • Dimensions: 88.3 x 14.5  x 24.5 mm

Design and Build Quality

On the exterior, Smok didn’t make any changes to the design of the Novo 3 pod vape. 

Novo 2 and 3 are identical in design to the point where you may find it difficult to tell them apart. You’ll have to look for the “Novo 3” print on the back of the new release. 

Overall this pod kit is a small and portable device that you won’t have any difficulty tucking away into your pockets. With a weight of 43g and the dimensions earlier stated, it’s among the smallest pod vapes you can find. 


These are the main parts that distinguish the Novo 3. Its pods are 0.8-ohm mesh vape pods designed for MTL vaping. They have a juice capacity of 2ml with a well-built mouthpiece that you’ll enjoy drawing from. They come with a small port on the side with a rubber stopper that you displace to fill your pod, preferably with pointy tip bottles.

Battery Life And Charging

You shouldn’t mistake its small size as a sign of weakness because the Novo 3 comes with an 800 mAh battery. The pods this kit uses are slightly lower resistance when compared to Novo 2. Hence, you’ll get a better wattage, although the battery capacity is the same as the previous release from Smok. 

Depending on your vaping frequency, a single charge can take you two days, which is incredible for a kit this size. On the charging side, the Novo 3 still has a micro USB instead of a Type-C, something some users may find disappointing. 


Overall, Smok’s Novo 3 offers solid performance with two days of average use. It’s even possible to extend your battery life by using higher resistance pods. The manufacturer provided a small LED display located at the front of the device to indicate the amount of battery left. Each time you take a draw, the LED glows with a specific color denoting the battery charge level. The colors denote- 

  • Red - Below 30%
  • Yellow/Orange - 70 to 30%
  • Green - Above 70%

You can use nicotine salts from 70VG to 50/50 or the typical nicotine e-juices. But don’t expect any surprises from a regular nicotine e-liquid in such a low-powered pod kit. 

So is it worth upgrading to the Novo 3? That depends on whether you’re ready to spend the extra money. Whatever be the case, you’re better off buying your Novo pod at discount rates and picking up different flavors for the best experience. 


Final Verdict

In conclusion, you can’t deny that refillable pod vape systems offer great value for money. They can save you lots of money, something you can’t expect from disposable vapes. For those residing in states that allow the use of flavored e-liquids, you can spice things up with your favorite flavors. 

However, the sure way to unlock the true potential of any tool or device is first to choose the right one. The same goes for your refillable pod vapes. 

You need to know the type of experience you want and match your expectations to a suitable mod. Fortunately, this comparison will help you with a clear picture of what to expect from the Vaporesso Xros and Smok Novo 3 before you settle for either refillable pod vape. 

Finally, it comes down to your preference because though the Vaporesso is more feature-packed, the Novo 3 may be more familiar and user-friendly. Choosing the best refillable pod vape ultimately means choosing the best pod vape system for you.




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