Iowa Big Tobacco Protection Act (HF 2677)

What's happening?

HF 2677, a piece of legislation sometimes referred to as a "PMTA Registry" bill, has been signed into law. The bill allows the state to enforce the FDA's PMTA regulations, effectively making all but a select few vape products illegal in Iowa. This bill will have a disastrous impact on the industry and the people it serves, putting independent vape shops out of business, hundreds of workers out of their jobs, and thousands of people at risk of returning to smoking.

Now’s the time to make your voice heard—tell your lawmakers you want it amended! To make it easier to do your part, we’ve prepared some talking points for you to use. Remember to be respectful when reaching out to legislators. Thank you in advance!


How can you help?

It's time to make your voice heard! To start, visit the state's Find Your Legislator tool to get ahold of contact info for your district's lawmakers. Then, using the talking points below, share your opposition to HF 2677 via phone or email. If you choose to contact these representatives via email, be sure to either cut and paste the message into individual emails for each rep or send them as a blind CC so they receive an email sent only to them. This will help you stay out of their spam folders!

Remember to be respectful and civil no matter which way you choose to reach out. With your help, we can stop this ban in its tracks and keep our shelves stocked with your favorite products. Thank you in advance!


Talking Points

1. HF 2677 bans 99% of vapor products.

Out of the 26 million vapor products submitted to the FDA, only 23 were approved, all of which are owned by Big Tobacco, coincidentally.

2. HF 2677 will shutter hundres of small business in Iowa overnight.

Similar bills in Louisiana and Alabama were devastating. No business can recover from losing over 90% of its revenue. Within two months of the passing of Louisiana’s bill, nearly all specialty vape shops were shuttered.HF 2677 will cut over 1,500 jobs and over $23M in tax revenue across the state of Iowa. Illegal vape sales will likely increase.

3. HF 2677 is not reflective of the published FDA regulations.

This bill does not allow for synthetic nicotine prvoducts marketed after 2020 even though the FDA created a pathway for all synthetic products to complete the PMTA submission process in 2021.

4. Thousands of ex-smokers would have to return to cigarettes.

Use of vapor products is known to be safer than the use of cigarettes. Thousands of people who rely on vaping as an alternative to smoking must now choose to shop out of state or revert back to smoking.

5. HF 2677 doesn’t protect Iowans. It protects big tobacco.

This bill is not about protecting kids, improving public health, or enforcing laws. HF 2677 makes Iowa the FDA’s enforcer and protects Big Tobacco’s bottom line. Outlawing these products will only boost cigarette sales.


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