Best Tobacco Disposable Vapes

Best Tobacco Disposable Vapes

Fans of prefilled vape pods, generally sold at convenience stores and gas stations, should be aware of how much cheaper it is to switch to a refillable vape pod kit and a bottled nic salt. What they may not be aware of is that disposable vapes are also a better price performer than the leading tobacco industry sponsored pod systems. 

While an adult vaper who prefers authentically flavored tobacco nic salts may prefer the convenience of a device that does require filling. But a disposable vape is even easier to use. You do not even need to swap pods and most have impressive nic salt capacities that are the equivalent to multiple vape pods. And like vape pod kits, you can buy disposable vapes without investing in a device. 

While there are some disposable vapes that require charging, there is a good reason for this. Rechargeable disposable vapes use standardized USB cords, unlike the Vuse Alto and Juul that use proprietary power cords. 


Tobacco Nic Salt Juices

Most adult vapers prefer nic salt flavors other than tobacco. But tobacco nicotine salts have come a long way since the days of RY4. The tobacco vape juice they contain can vary as much in flavor taste and flavor quality as combustible cigarettes. There are dense and full flavored tobacco disposable vapes and tobacco nic salts. There are lighter flavored tobacco vape juices and sweet tobacco flavors. An amazing amount of variety and authentic flavor. 

What tobacco nicotine salts all have in common is their use of salt nic. With a lower pH, nicotine salts allow a greater amount of nicotine to be added to a vape juice without making it too harsh to tolerate. Most nicotine salt vape juices are available between 25 and 50mg nicotine strength. Disposables often do not have this range of nicotine strengths, typically sold with a nicotine strength of 50mg. Nicotine salts manage this potency without the caustic throat hit that a similar potency freebase nicotine would deliver.

The takeaway is, that if you enjoy the tobacco flavors of prefilled vape pod and the potency of nicotine salts a disposable offers comparable if not superior flavor performance. They are a better price performer and longer lasting as well. This is especially the case with rechargeable disposable vape pens. 

You can save more money still by switching to a refillable device. Our deep-dive, Save Money by Switching to a Refillable Device, outlines these amazing savings.


Rechargeable Battery Disposable Vapes

The first generation of disposable vapes were cigalikes that used potent freebase nicotine and were often cylindrical in shape. These arrived at the dawn of vaping about a decade ago and their performance was not satisfactory for most adult vapers. For more information, check out our feature on longer lasting disposable vapes.

Nic salts changed all the this, their potency allowing underpowered prefilled vape pods to shine and opening the door to a host of disposable vapes loaded with nicotine salt. 

The first nic salt disposable vape pens were 1.8ml, which is far larger than any prefilled pod but not always long enough to get a heavy vaper through the day. 

This led to an arms race to create the longest lasting disposable vapes. These are some of the best disposable vape pens as they simply last longer and deliver more flavor. At first, they increased capacity by using increasingly larger cylindrical designs. Eventually there was a limit to this approach, as high capacity disposable vapes approached the size of small flashlights. 

The issue is simple, to burn through 7, 8 or even 13ml of nicotine salt eJuices, which is more than even a vape mod tank can hold, requires a huge lithium ion battery. The solution, use lithium ion batteries large enough to make it through a whole day and that can be recharged multiple times until all the nic salts are burned. This is the guiding design of the rechargeable battery and disposable vape combination. 


Best Tobacco Disposable Vapes

The two reasons to switch from a prefilled vape pod to a disposable vape pen is big savings and superior performance. But it turns out the tobacco nic salt flavors are awfully good as well. Now let us look at a few of the best tobacco disposable vapes. 


7 Daze EGGE Disposable Vape Tobacco

The EGGE by 7 Daze is a lozenge shaped disposable vape that holds 7ml of nicotine salt eJuice. This is good for an estimated 3000 puffs according to the manufacturer. The nicotine strength is 50mg. It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery with 400mAh of power on hand. The combination of nic strength and battery life should be sufficient to get you through the day, as this is in the same ballpark as popular refillable vape pods like the UWell Caliburn. It has significantly more battery life than a Juul and 10 fold the nic salt capacity. The actual tobacco flavor is outstanding and balanced. A flue-cured flavor loaded with authentic notes. 


I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco Disposable Vape

The I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco Disposable Vape is not rechargeable. You simply open the packaging and vape until it gives up the ghost. This may take a while. The I Love Salts Disposable delivers an estimated 2200 puffs according to the manufacturer and holds 5.5ml of 50mg strength nicotine salts. The sweet tobacco notes are silken and sophisticated, well-paired with the smooth nic salt finish, Compact and sleek, this is an amazing alternative to a prefilled vape pod.

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