Best Beverage Vape Juice Flavors


History of Vape Juice Flavors

The first wave of vape juices to hit the market were high-PG e-liquids with high nicotine concentrations. As nic salts did not exist, they used freebase nicotine. While mild at lower concentrations, freebase packs a wallop at higher strengths. The first generation of e-cigs did not produce much vapor, and higher nicotine concentrations were the norm. The result was a lot of talk about throat kick and a focus on tobacco and coffee flavors. These style of flavors made sense with the authentic kick delivered by these old freebase PG heavy juices. 

Even with this technological limitation in mind, adult vapers still began to show a preference for sweeter fare early on. Study after study has shown that ex-smokers making the switch to vaping start with tobacco and quickly shift to fruit, dessert and beverage vape juices. 

It was not long before fruit flavors and fruit punches became best sellers. This was true even with an amazing selection of tobacco flavored vape juices and despite the fact nicotine salts simply did not exist in any mass-market form.

Technology of course lurched ahead. Within a few years box mods hit the market. With high-wattage and sub-ohm tanks, they could provide a satisfying experience without a high strength e-liquid. In fact, strong vape juices and high-PG vape juices were barely compatible with a vape mod at all. They used a new style of e-liquid: High-VG vape juice. 


High-VG Vape Juices 

The harshness of stronger freebase nicotine could always be avoided, just reduce the nicotine strength, but at low wattage this does not provide a satisfying experience for many adult vapers when vaped in a low wattage device. 

The game changer was the sub-ohm coils and adjustable wattage settings.

Vape mods produced much more vapor. Low and even zero nicotine vape juices became more popular as a result. Flavors also shined more in box mods, as the selling point of the original generation of e-cigarettes was authenticity and tobacco flavors still dominated that space.


Nic Salt Vape Juices


The popularity of fruit flavors was further enhanced by potent nic salts. With a lower pH level, they could be included at higher potency in eJuice formulas without making the vapor too harsh to tolerate. Fruit flavors mixed with cool menthol began to dominate the market, although fruit beverage vapes were also smash hits. Of course, federal and state bans on the flavors adults prefer have denied access to the popular flavors for many. Yet it is clear if left to their own devices, the majority of adult vapers will choose fruit and beverage vapes over tobacco.

The fact nic salts can be added in higher potencies to an e-liquid changed everything. Formerly underpowered and lackluster gas station vape pens became viable. Nic salts are responsible for the popularity of Juul and Vuse Alto. They also created a whole category of refillable device: the refillable vape pod kit. These devices did not require 18650 batteries or heavy duty vapor production. Discrete, quiet and easy to use, a vaper can save hundreds of dollars switching from a prefilled vape pod kit to a refillable vape pod device. 


Disposable Vapes

Nic salts also make disposable vapes a viable option for adult vapers. The first generation of disposable cigalikes with freebase nicotine did not have much to recommend. Generally, they were limited to tobacco flavor. With very little power or battery life, they often had nicotine strengths of 48mg. But since they used freebase nicotine, they were rather harsher than a modern disposable. Because they were generally the size of a combustible cigarette, they had small batteries and e-liquid capacity. There was a lack of flavor options as well, especially when compared to the rainbow of options available in the modern nic salt disposable. 



Best Beverage Vape Flavors


Whether it is high-VG mod fuel or smooth nic salts, most of the best-selling vape juices rely heavily on fruit flavors. In the case of nic salts, these fruit notes are often cooled with a blast of menthol. Many of these fruit fusions go a step further and rely on beverage flavors for inspiration.


Best Fruit Beverage Vapes

The natural appeal of fruit flavored vapes has been proven by the market. Adult vapers prefer sweeter flavor combinations. It does not matter whether it’s a nic salt or zero nicotine mod fuel, these are flavors that simply work. Often inspired by tropical fruit flavors or fruit punches, these are balanced eJuices which are loaded with enough tartness and juiciness to cut through the sugary notes. Whether it is fruit punch or Pina Colada, there is no shortage of delicious beverage vapes featuring tropical and fruit flavors.


Best Coffee Beverage Vapes

Beverage flavors are not limited to tropical drinks. Coffee vape juices are another excellent option. Usually, these are laden with enough cream and sugar notes to pass as a dessert vape juice as well. Kure’s Prime on Tap has a whole range of superb options featuring coffee notes.

Coffee was one of the original smash hit vape juice flavors. It may not be as prominent as it once was, as fruit-menthol nic salts and the tobacco flavors forced on adult vapers by flavor bans eat up so much market share. Despite the competition, there remain a wide range of coffee inspired vape juices.



Best Beverage Vapes of 2022

Here are the best beverage vapes of 2022. They include a wide range of coffee and fruit infused flavors. Refreshing and bold, they have all been designed for all-day vaping and remain the go-to flavors for countless vapers. 


Coffee Shop Hodgepodgery Prime on Tap

One of the most popular Prime on Tap Flavors, Coffee Shop Hodgepodgery features a perfect blend of hazelnut macchiato flavors. These sweet notes nicely leaven a bold coffee base.


Baby Beetle Prime on Tap

Baby Beetle Prime on Tap is a purely fruit flavored high-VG vape juice. Blending tropical pineapple and mango notes with lemonade, this is a purely refreshing vape.


Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade

A classic high-VG juice by Twist e-liquid, Lemon Twist Pink Punch Lemonade has also appeared in nic salts and even a line of disposable vapes at one point. It simply works, accurately recreating a refreshing pink lemonade flavor with a hint of fruit punch.


Salt Bae Fruit Punch 

A classic nic salt fruit punch flavor, this is the nostalgic fruity flavor that adult vapers crave. Refreshing, balanced and sweet, a medley for fruit flavors make Salt Bae Fruit Punch an elevated vapng experience.


Glas BSX Caribbean Punch

Glas BSX Caribbean Punch is a perfect mixture of succulent peach, pineapple, strawberry, apple and apricot flavors. Fused into a cohesive beverage vape, this high-VG vape juice is supremely balanced, complex and tantalizing.

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