Flavor to the People — E Liquid

Create Your Own Vape Juice Review By Jennifer H.

I bought my very first Kure Vapes e-liquid over the weekend. I made the purchase through their website and was pleasantly surprised with how easy and convenient the ordering process was. Kure Vapes has so many different specialized flavors to choose from, thanks to their Kurators.


Flavor to the People

If you have ever heard the old saying “Variety is the Spice of Life”, well that is exactly what Kure aspires to provide with our Premium brand Kure on Tap and Salt on Tap e-liquids.  It was pretty clear early on, just as in life, it is in the vaping community…people want and need variety, especially when it comes to vape juice.  Vaping has helped so many smokers quit the habit and then reduce their nicotine intake.  Everyday Vaping is becoming more mainstream and popular with soccer moms, businessmen and women, college students and lifetime smokers all working to live...