Flavor to the People

If you have ever heard the old saying “Variety is the Spice of Life”, well that is exactly what Kure aspires to provide with our Premium brand Kure on Tap and Salt on Tap e-liquids.  It was pretty clear early on, just as in life, it is in the vaping community…people want and need variety, especially when it comes to vape juice.  Vaping has helped so many smokers quit the habit and then reduce their nicotine intake.  Everyday Vaping is becoming more mainstream and popular with soccer moms, businessmen and women, college students and lifetime smokers all working to live a healthier, happier life.  For that journey to be successful, it is vital the vapor remains satisfied with their vaping experience.  That is where Kure focuses the majority of their efforts! Keeping our quality vape juice new and exciting at all times for the customer.

 People love customizing everything… Phone cases, Sneakers, Clothing, Cars, and on an on.  At all Kure Vaporiums and online, we use no less than 70 different flavor concentrates that can be mixed in 4 different bottle sizes with 6 different nicotine levels to make millions of flavor combinations!  How could anyone ever get bored with that kind of variety in a vape juice again! 

For the last year or so the discrete Pod System devices such as JUUL, PHIX, and Juno have become so popular.  Customers could Not get enough of them!  They all come with 4 flavor pods, mint, fruit, dessert and tobacco.  For the first few months that was great for customers, they loved them.   Then the need for variety begin to creep into their minds again and the customer asked for more! 

So, it was Kure to the rescue again!   We researched the customer’s need to have a smaller, more discrete nicotine delivery device, able to use higher nicotine with a smooth hit, but with endless flavor options.  To satisfy our customer’s evolving needs Kure developed Salt on Tap e-liquid!!!  Ah!!!....Just what the customer needed.  Salt on Tap (SOT) salt based e-juice comes in a 25 and 45 mg nicotine base that allows our Kurators to mix millions of customizable flavors perfect for you!

Kure aspires to be your vape partner for life!  So that means Kure will always be committed to providing Flavor to the People!!!

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