Create Your Own Vape Juice Review By Jennifer H.

I bought my very first Kure Vapes e-liquid over the weekend. I made the purchase through their website and was pleasantly surprised with how easy and convenient the ordering process was. Kure Vapes has so many different specialized flavors to choose from, thanks to their Kurators. I found several that sounded amazing then narrowed it down to Boo Keri Pancakes, Huloo & Commitment, and Strawberry Roulade. Now I’m not the best at making decisions when faced with so many great options. This resulted in me taking advantage of their “Create Your Own Vape Juice” option. Of their 60+ flavors, I was able to choose up to 7. I ended up creating a vape juice that was inspired by their own Boo Keri Pancakes and named it Razzleberry Krumble. How cool is it that they even let me name my own creation?!

I was well aware that my new creation could turn out to be nothing short of awful, so I ordered it in their smallest size, which is 15 ml. The only thing left to do before choosing my flavors was to select the nicotine level. After creating my top secret concoction I proceeded to fill in my payment and delivery information. At this point, I was already super excited that I just got to create and name my own vape juice, but this is where it got even better. My package was given a tracking number, which was sent to me in an e-mail. No big deal, that’s pretty standard. However, I was also given the option to receive updates via e-mail and text message. My mind was blown! Seriously, why doesn’t every company offer this?

Since I placed my order over the weekend following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I had no expectations of my e-liquid arriving within a week. I was shocked to receive a text message earlier today notifying me that my package had been delivered, even earlier than the projected time! I ran out to my mailbox, filled with anticipation. Even if I had created something completely dissatisfying I was eager to compare the hit of this vape juice to others I had tried.

From the very first hit, I knew this was the beginning of a very beautiful love story. I’m still struggling to break the habit of smoking, so every time I pick up my mod I’m used to being hit with a direct assault on my lungs. I should mark this day in history because for the first time, ever, I didn’t cough at all after taking the first, second, or even third hits. Kure Vapes has perfected the art of creating a juice that delivers the smoothest hit possible. I’ve heard other companies make this claim, so I didn’t put much stock into it. Alas, Kure Vapes succeeded where other companies have failed; they can back up this widespread claim 110%.

To top it all off, I hit the nail on the head with my creation. Upon inhaling I could taste the bittersweet mixture that is “Razzleberry”. As I held the cloud in my mouth I noticed the faint hint of cinnamon. The real treat came when I exhaled – it was the ice cream on top- or in this case, custard and whipped cream. Yum!

I’ll admit that most in the vape world laugh at me due to how much of a cheapskate I am when it comes to purchasing vape juices. Today Kure Vapes taught me a very valuable lesson at a very low cost. They provide a superior product for a very reasonable price (their 15 ml bottle was cheaper than many vape companies offering a “better” e-liquid). Not only does this Max VG juice deliver a smooth hit, but it has also completely eliminated the problem I have with other juices causing “popping” half the time I take a hit. Kure Vapes may have very well made a lifelong customer out of me after only one experience with them.

Jennifer H.

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