Vaporesso Luxe Q Review: The God of All Vapes?

We all love a vape device that will bring the ultimate experience. One way of getting the best vape experience is to invest in quality devices from the best e-cigarette brands. If you are looking for a vape mod more powerful than your starter kit, consider the Vaporesso Luxe Q. This is one of the most comfortable vapes to enjoy the vaping experience and kick your smoking habit for good.

Vaporesso has come out with some fantastic devices ranging from pods, tanks, and dual battery devices. They have established a reputation as one of the best vape manufacturers in the world. Lately, they have been producing pod devices in the form of Luxe to appeal to anyone who wants to enjoy more advanced vaping. The Luxe Q from Vaporesso is designed to ensure portability and ease of use. It is a traditional pod system in the line of Luxe Range. If you want an excellent vape pod for an incredible experience, shop Vaporesso mods at Kure for the Luxe Q pod. 

Here is a pocket-friendly kit from Vaporesso called the Luxe Q pod and why it is considered the best.

Product Features and Specs

The best thing about the Luxe Q vape kit is the quality features and specifications. While it has similar specifications as your typical starter kit, the Luxe Q offers more quality that translates to a better vaping experience. Its standout features include a 2ml refillable pod and compact design. It is designed for easy usage, thus appealing to both beginners and experienced vapers. 

With this device, you will get a sleek vape with powerful battery life. Despite the small size, an internal battery of 1000 mAh makes it one of the powerful vaping devices on the market. It also comes with a semi-adjustable airflow that you can change by reversing the pod. This particular device measures 91.85 by 26 by 16.5mm. These dimensions make it broader than most stick-style pods but a little sorter. 

There are two pod types of 0.8ohm mesh mod and a 1.2ohm mesh pod. The 0.8ohm mesh pod activates responsively and pumps out some great vapor and flavors. The other 1.2ohm mesh pod has a slightly righter draw and provides a cool vape. Furthermore, an indicator light on the front face shows the amount of charge on the pod.

Built Quality and Design

Vaporesso Luxe Q is a stick-styled portable pod vape whose main body is made of a metal alloy with solid plastic inserts. In terms of design, this pod comes with a simple frame and side panels. You can find it in various colors, such as black, white, blue, red, green, brown, and pink. Each color sports a metallic-looking imprint in style.

This pod is extremely easy to use for beginners who are new to the vaping world.  Filling the pod is easy and fast as you simply remove the top mouthpiece and fill it from the port provided. It has a pressure valve that helps fill quickly without worrying about the liquid getting back from the fill hole.

You will marvel at the excellent fit and finish of this pod—a shiny gunmetal bezel contours the top, bottom, and sides. On the front and back is a soft-touch panel textured to look like leather. The company expertly designed every component of this device to fit perfectly. Its panels don’t crack, and the whole device feels robust when you hold it.

The Vaporesso Luxe Q comes with a built-in coil and an adjustable airflow that works in the same way as any other pod stick on the market. This airflow comes from a single slot on one side of the device and moves through the coil. As you place the pod in the housing, it determines the type of airflow you will get. 


Despite its small size, the Luxe Q vape pod is pretty powerful. It has two pod options you can use for regular or nicotine salt e-liquids. The mouthpiece is shaped for easy vaping while serving as a fill cap. You refill the pods in the same way as any other pod from Vaporesso.

This device doesn’t have any performance issues since it is designed with a SSS Leakproof Technology that stops any leakage risks. Moreover, the Vaporesso pod leak resistance technology provides a three-stage effort meant to seal all outlets that could let the liquid out. The device is designed to ensure you can use all the liquid in the pod without going dry. Also, it limits any risk of excess liquid falling away from the wick to the sides of the pod. In the end, its technology ensures that the e-liquid runs through the air inlets alone when vaping.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery life is one thing everyone desires in a vaping device, which you will find in the Luxe Q vape. It has a long-lasting battery life and capacity that provides a vaping experience throughout the day. Moreover, the Vaporesso 1000mAh battery kit is crammed into the small device to ensure long service life. You will find a pod with a relatively big battery size that yields 24 hours of vaping before demanding the next charge. 

Vaporesso Luxe Q vape is designed with a battery indicator as an LED to show the level of battery charge. When the battery charge is between 70% and 100%, it displays green. The LED color changes to blue when the battery falls between 70% and 30%, then it will flash red when it is less than 30.

Luxe Q - A Must Buy

Based on this discussion, you can see the many positives of owning a Luxe Q vape kit. It is a high-quality device and will suit anyone seeking a more open MTL draw. The standout feature of this device is a small size that allows users to conceal and carry it anywhere. This means you can take it to work or anywhere without being bulked. At the same time, you will enjoy the warm vapor and nice hits you can get from the pod. Its simple design, ease of use, and exceptional battery life make it a decent kit to own.  

Final Thoughts

Vaporesso has done a tremendous job with the Luxe Q vape by making it easy to use with high performance. If you have used any of their previous products, such as the Luxe PM40, then you will love the Luxe Q. It is one of the best kits in the hardware section with better quality and performance. The device is designed to be short and thin for ease, making it more portable and concealable. In the end, you will enjoy the impressive features of this pod, including a powerful battery and a 2ml pod capacity.

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