User's Guide to Help You Choose The Right Nicotine Strength E-liquid

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Long gone are the days when vaping used to be a thing for limited people. With time, more and more people are getting into vaping after learning about it. These people are from all age groups as well economic backgrounds. The vaping industry has responded enthusiastically to increasing demand by providing high-quality products. As a result, vaping is growing as a culture.

These days, the E-juices from vapes contain different strengths of nicotine. You can choose the right nicotine to satisfy your nicotine craving without even touching cigarettes. The only catch here is selecting the correct strength. So, here is a user's guide to help you choose the right nicotine-strength E-liquid.

Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength

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The entire experience of vaping depends on the strength of nicotine. If it is more than what you enjoy, you may not enjoy vaping and call it off for good. On the other hand, you may go back to smoking if the nicotine strength is weak enough to hold you.

These days, eliquid stores are updating themselves to become more accommodating for the vapers. They help you in finding the perfect product for you. However, when you visit these places well-informed about, you can choose a comfortable fit of nicotine level e-juice. This article will teach about three crucial factors that will help you choose the right nicotine level. These factors are,

  • The difference between vaping and smoking
  • The effect of vapes nicotine strength
  • Your smoking habits

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1. Vaping Vs. Smoking

Though vaping and smoking seem similar activities, they vary significantly in the way vapes and cigarettes absorb nicotine. Generally, smokers tend to go for the nicotine strength matching with the same of their cigarettes. However, the device itself, the power output, the coil’s ohm, all play a part in finding the right nicotine level for your needs.

Working of Vapes

The simplicity of cigarettes makes them exceptionally effective in delivering nicotine to your body. The average range of nicotine present in a cigarette is between 10-14 mg. Yet, you consume only 1-1.5 mg of nicotine while smoking and experience the effects of nicotine. It reaches your lungs and gets mixed with blood. Moreover, traditional cigarettes contain 4000+ chemicals that enhance the effects of nicotine. In a way, cigarettes are all about nicotine absorption.

Working of Vapes

Vapes do not work like cigarettes when it comes to delivering nicotine. Unlike cigarettes, vape juices contain Flavoring and nicotine along with a couple of more ingredients. So, choosing the same strength of nicotine e-liquid may not satisfy your thirst.

Vaping may take a little more time to satisfy your nicotine craving, but it is changing. Vape manufacturers are designing the devices to increase the blood nicotine level up to 35-72%. This helps in decreasing the time required for nicotine absorption and maintains the same for a long time. Now, the vaping device plays a role in nicotine absorption, which takes us to the next part.

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2. Effect Vaping Devices on Nicotine

Before a few years ago, vape devices ran on low-wattage batteries, which affected their overall performance. However, this picture changed when sub-ohm devices entered the market. The new type of devices run on higher wattage batteries. Their higher power allowed for the effective consumption of E-liquid, which led to more consumption of nicotine.

Generally, sub-ohm devices allow using 3-6 mg E-juice. But they are customizable. So, you can determine the levels of nicotine intake by calibrating the number of vapors produced. Moreover, the e-liquids are available in delicious flavors like fruits, herbs, etc. If you like fruity flavors, then exploring Pachamama e liquid will be a great idea. They have some of the most exciting fruity-flavored e-juices that will blow your mind.

Avoiding the Side Effects

Now, if you are planning to buy an e-juice with a strength of more than 12 mg, sub-ohm devices may not be a good choice. The chance of experiencing her nicotine hit in the throat, i.e., nicotine bits, increases with higher strength e-liquids.

Regular vapers do not recommend using higher power e-liquids. Vaping maintains the nicotine in your system for a longer time. So, using a higher dose e-juice may overwhelm you with nicotine. This may lead to some undesirable side effects like dehydration, nausea, etc.


3. Your Smoking Habits and Nicotine

Let's move to the final part of this guide - your habit. The nicotine demand of your body is directly dependent on how much you smoke in a day. The more the number of cigarettes, the higher the nicotine demand. Whether you are planning to quit smoking or simply switching to vaping, the nicotine strength of e-liquid is crucial. So, here are some basic combinations of numbers of cigarettes and the strength of nicotine right for them.

  • 20 cigarettes, i.e., a whole pack a day: 12 mg - 24mg 
  • Ten cigarettes, i.e., half pack a day: 6 mg 
  • 1 to 5 cigarettes a day: 3 mg 
  • People in the last stage of quitting cigarettes or successfully quit cigarettes: 0 mg

Throat Hit and Nicotine Strength

The next thing crucial in choosing the right strength e-liquid is the intensity of the throat hit you prefer. If you like harsh throat hits, you can opt for higher strength. Flavored cigarettes give a very intense throat hit. So, a person smoking a pack of strong-flavored cigarettes might enjoy e-liquids with 12mg nicotine strength.

At the same time, e-liquids containing 3mg nicotine can be suitable for individual smoking to get milder hits and enjoyable yet slow kicks of cigarettes. When you like softer throat hits, even 3mg can satisfy your nicotine cravings. Here, you have to keep in mind that the above guidelines provide you with a clear idea. These doses will help you in finding the right strength of nicotine.

Remember, these are broad guidelines. The right nicotine strength varies from person to person. For example, heavy smokers may be satisfied with 6 mg since some may prefer a lighter throat hit to enjoy the flavor more than getting nicotine. So, define your type and choose the nicotine strength accordingly.

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Vaping for You

Vaping is not only for people who want to quit smoking. You can buy your first vape even if you have not smoked ever in your life. In such cases, you can simply go for the e-liquids free from nicotine. With the growing vaping culture, the manufacturers are becoming more and more creative about the devices and e-liquids.

From tangy desserts to spicy cocktails, you can buy e-liquids of a variety of flavors. The list does not stop here. These days, an increasing number of health-enthusiasts people are getting into vaping. They sign-up to vape e-liquids containing various herbs. Yes, you read that right. Herbal e-liquids are becoming the next big thing due to the health benefits they offer. In simple words, people are vaping to improve and enhance their health.

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The Bottom Line

Choosing the right strength of nicotine is critical as it directly influences the enjoyment of vaping. So, understanding the intricate relation of nicotine and you will be the first step towards choosing the correct strength. The next is getting a suitable device for yourself. The modern devices are simply excellent as they are highly customizable. From the number of vapors to the amount of liquid, you can calibrate each factor of your device to make your vaping session more enjoyable.

Lastly, the nicotine craving depends on your body. So, choose your dose according to the needs of your body. The lesser dose will take you back to cigarettes, whereas the stronger will spoil the fun. It is only the optimum strength that will make each vaping enjoyable. The above guide will help you to determine your optimum dose and quit smoking for good.

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