ROCKT Punch Set For Relaunch

ROCKT Punch Set for Relaunch of Nostalgic Flavors

The end of the calendar year is a time for reflection and renewal. The relaunch of ROCKT Punch E-Liquids couldn’t have come at a better time. The nostalgic flavors of ROCKT Punch, featuring classic combinations that adult vapers are sure to remember fondly, are perfectly suited for a line-up of max-VG juices. 

The flavors of ROCKT Punch have proven popular with adult vapers, and their presence has been sorely missed. The throwback flavors of ROCKT Punch play all the greatest hits of the 1980s: blue raspberry and ice, grape and watermelon gum, crunchy fruit breakfast cereals and rainbow sherbet.


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ROCKT Punch E-Juices


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The five ROCKT Punch E-Juices reviewed today all use TFN instead of tobacco-derived nicotine. ROCKT Punch vape juices freebase nicotine rather than nicotine salts. The available nicotine strengths are 0, 3 and 6mg. With a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, ROCKT Punch has been crafted for use with low resistance coils and sub-ohm vape mods.  

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The ROCKT Punch relaunch includes five flavors 

  • Blu-RZA Thunderbomb ROCKT Punch
  • Grape Ape ROCKT PUNCH
  • O.G. Bubba ROCKT PUNCH
  • Rainbow Riot ROCKT PUNCH
  • Ultra Magnetic Fruit Crunch ROCKT Punch

O.G. Bubba and Rainbow Riot are both available as an Okami Salt. The relaunched ROCKT Punch lineup is sold in 60ml bottles.


ROCKT Punch E-Juice Flavors

The formulators at ROCKT Punch have placed a heavy emphasis on fruit inspired notes and nostalgic flavor combinations that hold special appeal to Gen X and Millennial vapers. This decision is dictated by demand. The vast majority of adult vapers prefer fruit and beverage themed vape juices, as demonstrated by Dr Farsalino’s comprehensive study on vape juice flavor preferences.

As ROCKT Punch E-Juices are max-VG, they are generally enjoyed by box mod users. But there are many refillable vape pod kits on the market that are perfect for juices like ROCKT Punch. These range from a 25w Smok Novo 3 equipped with a sub-ohm coil to much more powerful Mod Pods like Voopoo Drag S and Drag S Pro. It is easy to extract tons of flavor and vapor from ROCKT Punch, and there are more devices than ever that can get the job done.

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What sort of flavors can you find in the relaunched ROCKT Punch Line-up? It is time to turn back the clock to the penultimate decade of the 20th century.


Blu-Rza Thunderbomb ROCKT Punch E-Liquid

As the name suggests, Blu-Rza Thunderbomb is a blue raspberry flavor. To be more precise, it is blue raspberry ice. This may sound on paper like a disposable vape flavor but that does not take into account the excellence of this flavor.

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While just about every salt nic juice on the market comes in blue razz, max-VG options for this flavor are far more limited. This is a real shame because blu razz ice works great in big vapor clouds.

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ROCKT Punch Blu-Rza Thunderbomb is packed with flavor. The bright and tart berry notes cut through the fruity sweetness. A cool layer of menthol ice smooths out the sugary edges. The result is an all-day vape and one of the best blue raspberry juices on the market today. The big and recognizable flavors of blue raspberry ice have never been so enjoyable.

Whether your last experience with blue razz ice flavor was a quarter century ago demanding a blue icee (whose indigo hued dyes frightening mimicked the symptoms of cyanosis) or last week vaping a blue razz disposable, it is worth your while to check out Blu-Rza Thunderbomb ROCKT Punch e-liquid.


Grape Ape ROCKT Punch E-Liquid

The great Grape Ape Show is now playing on a vape mod near you. If you ever wanted proof that vape juices are largely marketed to individuals over 35, Grape Ape ROCKT Punch is exhibit A. Apart from a name that apes a 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the flavor itself is inspired from that most 1980s of flavors: grape bubble gum. Generations of Millennials, X-llennials, Gen Xers and Cuspers tenaciously chewed their cuds with mouthfuls of delicious grape bubble gum. 

Somewhere, there is a landfill full of disgusting desks with chewed gum on the bottom and sneaker soles defaced by gum spit out on hot asphalt playgrounds.

These are not the most appealing images for a vape juice but unlike bubble gum, the flavor of Grape Ape ROCKT Punch does not fade away. It is a sweet Concord Grape inspired flavor with distinct green grape notes alleviating the intense of sweetness.


O.G. Bubba ROCKT Punch E-Liquid

Fans of confectionary treats might note that O.G. Bubba ROCKT Punch is more of contemporary flavor profile than Grape Ape.  After all, watermelon bubble gum at one time was at the cutting edge of flavor technology. Its popularity surged well after its grape flavored confectionary store rivals had their moment in the sun. Granted, this all took place 35 years ago, but anti-vapers love the narrative that somehow these flavor profiles are meant for children. Nothing could be further from the truth. O.G. Bubba ROCKT Punch is a big, bold, and decidedly nostalgic fruit vape flavor.

While watermelon gum might be a blast from the past and trace its roots to the late 1980s, watermelon e-juice is very much the flavor of the moment. Whether it is a Lush Ice nice salt, a watermelon ice disposable, an early vaping era PG heavy watermelon juice or a delicious max-VG watermelon vape juice like O.G. Bubba, watermelon is one of the great vape flavors ever.  

O.G. Bubba delivers the watermelon flavor that adult vapers seek. It is also available as salt nic juice in the Okami Salt Line. The airiness of the watermelon is beyond compare and lends itself perfectly to the huge vapor cloud production of a max-VG juice. Unlike some watermelon e-liquids, O.G. Bubba does not have an overly perfumed flavor. Instead, the fruit notes shine through with all the authentic flavors you are looking for. This keeps the flavor balanced and allows for even more sweetness with the addition of the classic pink gum flavor.


Rainbow Riot ROCKT Punch

ROCKT Punch E-Liquid flavors blur the lines between nostalgic and contemporary. Staying true to this theme is the excellent Rainbow Riot ROCKT Punch E-Liquid.

The backlash against anything with fat in the 1980s led to a surge in popularity for alternatives to ice cream such as sherbet and frozen yogurt (TCBY).

While rainbow sherbet remains popular, it is the best-selling ice cream in Texas for instance,  never again will a product that is fully 20 percent sugar treat be passed off as a healthy alternative. We now live in a world where bearded middle aged influencers don fingerless gloves and short shorts to count macros on camera, gone are the days when a slightly lower calorie count (when compared to ice cream if nothing else) is synonymous with health food.

In the case of Rainbow Riot by ROCKT Punch, rainbow sherbet serves as an ideal template for the flavors that make a perfect vape juice. This is a well-rounded flavor with plenty of tart notes to balance out the sweet and juicy fruit flavors.

ROCKT Punch made Rainbow Riot unusually dense in flavor. Rainbow Riot combines orange, raspberry, lime, lemon, and pineapple flavors. A delectable and sweet inhale is topped off with a chilling exhale. The smoothness of the fruit flavor blend on the palate creates a flavor experience very reminiscent of rainbow sherbet.


Ultra Magnetic Fruit Crunch ROCKT Punch

Is there anything more 1980s than a sugar infused cereal laden with artificial colors and flavors being passed off as a balanced breakfast? Is there anything more 21st century than laughing at this very concept? Parents are much more mindful of nutrition today. While many of these favorites remain on store shelves, their popularity peaked when Ronald Reagan was still in office. Perhaps the name "Ultra Magnetic" is derived from the vitamins and minerals that fortified these 1980s breakfast stapes. Probably not. 

Ultra Magnetic Fruit Crunch by ROCKT Punch was inspired by the flavor of a mixed fruit cereal. You too can guess which one it is. The combination of berries and creamy milk are ideal for a max-VG vape juice. The blend of citrus and sweet berries is exactly what most adult vapers seek in a max-VG juice. There is even a bit of crunchiness that adds texture and flavor to the enormous vapor clouds you can enjoy from this max-VG masterpiece. 


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