All About Disposable Vapes

Disposable Vapes

In a previous feature, we demonstrated how vapers can save money by switching to a refillable vape. Disposable vapes are better price performers than the convenience store prefilled pods but filling your own device is still cheaper.

Yet despite the economics of refilled versus prefilled, disposable vapes remain wildly popular with adult vapers. It is time to examine why.


 Vaping Made Easy

Most adult vapers are looking for an easy to use vape that has great flavor and delivers satisfying performance. All you need to do to enjoy a disposable vape is open the packaging. They are draw activated and require no filling.



You can start using a disposable the second it is unwrapped. A disposable requires less labor than it takes to flick a Bic. No small deal for adult vapers, especially novices and initiates.

Disposable vapes are easy to use but still contain addictive nicotine. If you do not currently vape or use nicotine products, Kure Vapes has no interest in selling you disposable vapes or e-liquids. Our goal is to provide the best products for adult vapers. If you are looking for a perfect fit, stop by one of our stores for assistance from our staff. 


Our hope is that our customers gradually reduce their nicotine intake with the goal of lifestyle free totally free from vaping. Disposable vapes can serve as a great starting point, as they allow adult vapers to sample flavors and are very easy to use.  


Disposable Vape Technology

Disposable vapes are vaping stripped to its essentials. There are many great flavors, but the actual technology is very simple. A disposable vape pen consists of a pre-charged battery, a heating element or atomizer that creates vapor, a draw activation mechanism that is triggered by inhalation on the mouthpiece.

There is no fancy chip like a Voopoo Drag S. A draw activated refillable vape pod kit will provide very comparable performance at a lower price per milliliter. But disposables appeal because of ease of use. 

Disposable vapes deliver pure mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and extract beautiful flavors from potent nic salt juices.  But if you were to crack open an old Fuma disposable and compare it to a Posh, you would find very few differences.

In technological terms, the big differences are cosmetic. At least with the first wave of salt nic disposables. Modern disposable makers like Posh, Puff Bar, Cali Bar, Hyppe Bar and others scrapped the ludicrous fake combustible cigarette shape and light at the end meant to look like a glowing ember. Instead, this first wave adopted a form factor like the popular Juul.

The new shape would have accomplished little if salt nic juices in popular flavors were not also added.

A few early disposables, the thumb shaped 1.0ml models like the Stig and Mojo, stored their e-liquid in a plastic tank or pod hidden within the disposable.

In 2022, almost every disposable vape on the market holds its eliquid in a cotton polyfill soaked with salt nic juice. The juice is stored behind redundant layers of stoppers behind the mouthpiece.


Rechargeable Disposable Vapes

Until recently, there was no provision for charging a disposable vape. Once the battery was dead, the device was kaput. This required designing a vape with enough battery life to guarantee all the juice contained within could be accessed.

Until longer lasting disposable vapes hit the market this was not a huge concern. But each additional milliliter of e-juice requires additional battery power. A few manufacturers still use this technology but it has been largely displaced by disposable vapes of ever increasing size. 

A desire by adult vapers for higher e-liquid capacity disposables has resulted in some size inflation. Some of the high-capacity models seem as big as flashlights. In response to this expansion, companies are switching to rechargeable batteries. 


Egge Disposable Vape by 7 Daze

The Egge Disposable Vape by 7 Daze hold 7.5 more milliliters of e-liquid but still fits in the palm of your hand thanks to a rechargeable battery. The battery still has a capacity of 400mAh, sufficient for plenty of vaping. But using the smaller rechargeable battery keeps Egge from achieving the flashlight type proportions of its rivals.

To install a battery of over 1000mAh would greatly expand the proportions of this small disposable. Hyde has also used this approach on several models.


Salt Nic Juice

Disposable vapes vary in size, shape, and flavor but nicotine salt e-liquids are a commonality shared by nearly every model on the market today. Nic salts are the primary reason disposable vapes deliver tremendous flavor and satisfaction

Nic salts are created by adding benzoic acid to regular nicotine. This nicotine can be of tobacco or non-tobacco origin. In the case of nic salts, salt is a molecular term that has nothing to do with granular table salt.

The key advantage of nic salts versus freebase nicotine, which was the original form used in vape juices, is that nic salts have a much lower pH level and cross the blood brain barrier more easily.

The lower pH level allows more nicotine to be added to vape juice without making it too harsh for a human to tolerate.  


Freebase Nicotine and Cigalikes

The high nicotine strengths possible with salt nic juice convert what would have previously been an underpowered e-cig to provide satisfying performance. It is not a coincidence that the first device of this nature, the Juul prefilled vape pod, did not catch fire in the UK and EU where nicotine strengths are limited to 20mg. 

In a similar development, the first generation of disposables used freebase nicotine. This is the form of nicotine that was found in all vape juices before 2015.

Freebase nicotine is still found in max-VG and high-VG juices. It is excellent for these purposes and works great in lower nicotine juices. Freebase nicotine starts to get bit harsh when the nicotine strength gets about 18 to 24mg/ml.

The first generation of cigalikes nearly matched the current disposables in nicotine strength, the original Blu had a nicotine strength of 48mg and 36mg was the most common strength. But vapor production was limited to keep the harshness in check. 

The other option was to make this bug into feature, boasting of chest burn and throat hit. While this appeal to authenticity attracted some loyal customers, most adult vapers wanted a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. Adult vapers also wanted flavors other than tobacco.


Vapor Production

Vapor production dictates almost every aspect of the vaping experience.  Prefilled vape pods, cigalikes and disposables all sought to provide satisfying performance through minimal vapor production and high nicotine strength.

It takes less battery power to generate smaller puffs. This is a more efficient process when nicotine strengths are higher and allows the battery to be downsized. A vape mod isn’t going to last long with a 350mAh battery from a Vuse Alto or the 200mAh power pack found in a Juul. 

The odorless and discrete performance of disposable vapes and vape pods is a feature that many adult vapers appreciate.


Disposable Vape Flavors

A study conducted by Dr. Farsalino proved definitively that most adult vapers greatly prefer vape juices with "characterizing" flavors inspired by fruits, desserts, and beverages. Simulated tobacco cigar and cigarette flavor notes simply are not as popular with adult vapers.

That fruity and minty flavors are more popular than fake tobacco flavors with former adult smokers shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Tobacco vape juices have improved tremendously, but you may note that there aren’t a ton of ash and tobacco flavored products in the freezer section of your local grocery store either. 


Cigalikes and the Federal Flavor Ban

The lack of popular characterizing flavors and the limitations of freebase nic caused the first wave of disposable cigalikes to fade into obscurity. They looked a bit comical, were mildly harsh, only came in tobacco and didn't provide a truly satisfying experience. Prefilled salt nic pods took control of the market, but they also proved popular with minors. Especially Juul Mint. 

After January 2020, flavored prefilled vape pods were banned federally. This left disposable vapes as the only prefilled vape device available in the flavors that adult vapers overwhelmingly prefer. A federal ban on prefilled pod flavors barred Vuse, Juul, MyBlu, and NJoy’s most popular products.

It is the availability of popular salt nic juice flavors that continues to drive the popularity of disposable vapes with adult vapers. The Puff Bar from Puff Labs, Posh Vapes, Oro Bars, Esco Bars and the original Cali Bar are all examples of the stick or bar style disposable vape.

The early nic salt bar shaped disposable vapes held 1.3ml, which is about twice the capacity of a Juul pod. They also use the same style of salt nic juices found in prefilled pods to provide similar levels of satisfaction.

Despite being disposable in nature, they are generally much better price performers than prefilled pods, thanks to their greater e-liquid capacity per unit. But it if vaped heavily, it was hard to get much more than a day of vaping out of a stick style disposable.


Longer Lasting Disposables

Today, there are dozens of longer lasting disposables on the market. They generate a bit more vapor than the stick disposables and usually are available in identical flavors. They are generally better made and more reliable as well. Early generations of salt nic disposables did have some reliability issues due to the spike in demand and supply chain shortages due to Covid-19. 

Puff counts may get a bit inflated but there is no disputing e-liquid capacity and battery power. Looking at mAh power of a battery and juice capacity, measured in milliliters, is the most reliable way to judge longevity.


Cylindrical Disposable Vapes

Cylindrical disposable vape designs are extremely popular, as it is a logical shape for an e-cigarette and easy to manufacture. The 2ml Posh Plus was one of the earliest models.

No longer just a device that lasts a single day, there are disposable vapes that hold 8ml or more of e-liquid. To keep the size of these longer lasting disposables down, manufacturers are now selling disposable vapes with rechargeable batteries.

Disposables may be a one-time use design, but they are capable of competing head to head with prefilled and refillable pod systems in terms of flavor and satisfaction.

Regressive flavor bans at the local and state levels deny many adults vapers access to the characterizing flavors found in the best disposable vapes.

Not surprisingly, Big Tobacco and their e-cigarette subsidiaries dominate the market for tobacco flavored vape products and benefit greatly from these laws.


Best Disposable Vape Flavors

Disposable vapes come in the flavors that adults prefer. They use nic salts to provide satisfying performance. Longer lasting disposables can serve as an everyday vape for an adult vaper.  

If you use a disposable vape pen, you have surely noticed there are several legendary flavors that just about every manufacturer has a version of.

You can't shop for long without stumbling across one of these favorites. Fruit and menthol ice blends are particularly popular. Easier to formulate than more complex dessert vapes, they are a perfect fit for a disposable. There are more complex flavors as well such as Pina Colada and decadent desserts. An adult who uses disposable vapes does not lack for options.

Here is our list of the best disposable vape flavors.


Cool Mint

We might as well start out with the heavyweight champion of nic salt sales. Mint is the most popular flavor in the history of salt nic vaping. It might very well be the most popular flavor in vaping history, even though salt nics did not hit the market until 2015.

Mint on its own is outstanding. It is cool and sweet. It never tires the taste buds. Mild yet bold enough to keep an adult vaper engaged. Mint is also the foundation of the countless fruit and menthol flavors that are so popular in disposables. Adult vapers denied the popular Juul Mint flavor flocked to disposables so they could continue to enjoy this great flavor. The original Puff Bar was quickly identified by adult vapers as the best Juul Mint alternative, and newer disposable vape designs are comprehensively superior. 



There are a lot of versions of mango e-liquid. They range from dense fruit flavors to sweet confectionary sugar bombs. Most trend towards the fruit side of the equation and are not too sweet. Mango ice is currently the most popular form. Much like Cool Mint, adult vapers were looking for the best Juul Mango alternative when that popular flavor was discontinued.  Mango disposables turned out to be a perfect option. Mango is a classic tropical fruit flavor that translates perfectly into a salt nic juice.  


Strawberry Banana

Strawberry and banana are a natural pairing. They are two of the best artificial flavor profiles on the market and two of the most popular fruits in America.

Strawberry is sweet but contains plenty of tart notes. Banana is sweet and a bit creamy. Strawberry has an almost innocent sweetness but tart notes that balance out the flavor. The combination simply works.


Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice is a very popular bottled nic salt and disposable vape flavor. The best versions pack in ripe and tart notes. Cooling menthol enhances the experience and keeps things balanced.

Nic salt vapers have embraced fruit and menthol blends.  They dominate the market. Strawberry Ice is one of the best.


Blue Razz Ice

Blue Razz, Blue Razzberry, Brazzberry, Blue Slushie and Blu Razz are just a few of the names given to this nostalgic vape juice flavor. It basically tastes like a 1980s or 1990s summer in vaping form.

It seems that every disposable vape maker and nic salt formulator has tried their hand at making Blu Razz or Blu Razz Ice. And most have succeeded. It is a flavor that translates well to MTL vaping.

What is blue raspberry exactly? It is the artificial flavor found in blue icy treats. The addition of menthol ice cuts levels out the sweetness. The color blue was chosen for raspberry because red had already been claimed by apple, cherry, and strawberry.


Lush Ice

The combination of watermelon, menthol and raspberry is commonly referred to as Lush Ice. There are also dozens of watermelon ice inspired flavors that compete in this same space.

The main ingredient is the watermelon flavor. Unlike many early versions of this vaping flavor, the overly perfumed flavor notes have been removed. The hint of tartness also helps but it is the addition of menthol ice that really draws this flavor together.

You may see this flavor profile referred to as Watermelon Ice, Iced Melons, Iced Watermelon, Melon Berry Ice, etc. They are all versions of the classic Lush Ice flavor.


Lychee Ice

Lychee is not a flavor most Americans are familiar with, but most adult vapers who use disposables have encountered lychee ice. It is a rich tropical fruit flavor that is not too sweet. It is not easy to articulate how it tastes, but it is astoundingly good. It has a level of complexity that is almost akin to wine. Lychee vape juices usually include a menthol ice element but like mango it can also shine on its own.


Banana Ice

Artificial banana flavors can be a bit much but contain many delicious elements. Combining banana and menthol ice can make all the difference. Banana is a distinct flavor. What we think of as artificial banana was inspired by the Gros Michel banana that dominated the produce aisles until the 1950s. A fungus nearly drove this cultivar extinct and today the more robust Cavendish banana is what you find on store shelves. The spirit of the more flavorful Gros Michel lives on in artificial banana flavors.


Pineapple Ice

Pineapple is a sweet tropical fruit flavor.  Instantly recognizable, it isn’t quite as balanced as lychee or mango. But it is refreshing and delicious as a vape juice, particularly when paired with menthol ice.  


Peach Ice

Nectary, sweet and refreshing peach flavors are perfectly suited for a vape juice. It is a sweet flavor that benefits from a blast of icy mint. Peach flavors are distinct and refreshing. They avoid being too cloying with authentic fruit notes.



If not for the relentless war against the flavors that adult vapers prefer, tobacco would not make this list. It is an afterthought for most adult vapers. This does not mean that tobacco disposables cannot be delicious or high-quality.

Tobacco E-Juice flavors have advanced greatly since the days of RY4 and cigalikes. They may not have the chest burn of an eGo Twist loaded with high-PG juice, but a tobacco salt nics still deliver authentic flavor.

Tobacco has a bad reputation among adult vapers but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the flavor. There just happened to be a lot of bad tobacco flavors during vaping’s earliest days.

While still not the top choice for most adult vapers, a tobacco disposable is a viable option and far removed from the abysmal gas station cigalikes from a decade ago.

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