A Guide To Free Vape Consultation By Kure CBD & Vape Store

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Vaping is doing to the smoking industry what the automobile did to the transport industry. If this is true (and it is), then Kure CBD & Vape is the Henry Ford of the vaping revolution. Like Ali ibn Abi Talib said, “no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation.” Likewise, our vaping consultation is free, timely, and a lot cooler than your average support, thanks to our knowledgeable Kurators and trained consultants. 

The vaping ecosystem is vast and ever-expanding. Newbies and seasoned vapers alike have to navigate a wide variety of techy gadgets and vape devices at discounted rates before making the right choices. Thus, we provide the help you need to make the right choice and get the best vaping experiences, so boring is never a thing. 

Our Commitment to Helping Consumers

Whether you’re having your first experience with e-cigarettes and nicotine, or you’re switching from traditional tobacco products for more flavorful options, we are committed to helping all consumers that visit our vape stores. It goes without saying that crossing over from cigarettes to the vape side can be a challenging and confusing experience - but it doesn’t have to be. 

The Switch

If you believe you’re ready to dive head-first into vaping, we have the resources to guide you along each step of the way. You will learn where you fit in the history of the vaping movement and how to make the most of the first vaping device of choice. You’ll get expert tips on: 

●      Adjusting to the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs, 

●      The vaping components you’ll need to purchase, 

●      Where to find the best deals on accessories, and most importantly, 

●      How to make all the variables fit together. 

Again, your vaping journey doesn’t have to be boring. You’re guaranteed expert support like e-liquid consultation for all things regarding vaping/e-cigarettes upon visiting our vape stores. Here’s what makes Kure CBD & Vape different. 

Unique Guest Experience

With multiple stores in 15 states across the country, we differentiate our stores by providing a unique combination of customer experience and product quality. Before visiting any Kure vape store, you can get a gist of what to expect by using our store locator to find the branch nearest to you. 

Differentiating Our Stores

Believe it or not: We treat our guests like modern-day royalty. This sums up the difference in our store experience but let’s explain. The moment you step through the door, you’ll get a premium experience tailored to exceed your expectations and level of understanding of the vaping ecosystem. 

This experience encompasses the information and services offered by our Kurators Whether you choose to go for beco disposables or hand-pick your flavor, you’ll have an expert ready to ensure that you select the suitable combination of vaping devices, accessories, and flavors.  

What Makes Our Stores Unique

The Kure culture and experience are more than just a free vaping consultation. At the heart of our tailored customer experience is the Prime & Kure on Tap Bar. It is the only of its kind, made available via our website and in our stores. Continue reading to learn why it’s the perfect alternative for smokers adopting vaping. 

Unique Vaping Experience

The Prime & Kure on Tap Bar offers everything a consumer needs to embark on a personalized vaping journey. Like the differences in the various stages of life, the vaping preferences of customers change over time as they proceed along with the vaping journey. Thus, our stores provide an assortment of products, including nicotine, different bottle sizes, VG/PG, and flavors. If you want a fruit-flavored e-liquid, there are multiple choices at your disposal.  

Customers can rest assured of a successful switch because the vaping experience is bound to be more attractive than cigarettes. This is possible through the expert combination of nicotine options, flavor variety, and intensity, all encapsulated in our Prime and Kure on Tap e-liquids - unique in every sense of the word. 

The Kure on Tap Bar

 The Kure On Tap Bar

The expert help of the free consultation that’s awaiting customers is undoubtedly the main point of attraction to the stores. But the Kure On Tap Bar is the reason why most customers stick with vaping for good. The bar plays an integral role in unraveling the full options for cigarette smoking cessation. Here are some of the benefits it offers.

Wide Flavor Selection

Our endless array of e-liquid flavors represent the next step toward an entirely bespoke vaping experience. You can test and determine the most suitable for your taste and throat hit from different vape juice blends at our Juice Bar. You can find American-made blends of the highest quality and premium third-party juices designed to deliver the right mix of excitement, thrill, and high, without the adverse side effects of tobacco found in cigarettes. Our trained and expert Kurators are also at your beck and call to offer any assistance with flavor combos, both online and in-store. 

Flavor Categories

There are more than 80+ flavors provided through the Kure on Tap Bar. You can separate each flavor into the following categories:

●      Beverages - Some excellent options are Blue Razz and Berry Berry Confusing. 

●      Fruits - Examples are the Mango, Kluster Fruit, and Grape Expectations - Kure on Tap Prime

●      Candy - Two alternatives are Anti-Matter and Sweet Moro - Kure On Tap Prime

●      Menthol - Examples include the Ice Queen, Iceberger, and Peppermint - Kure on Tap Prime

●      Tobacco - Some great examples are Boujee Bacco and Buddhas Punch - Salt On Tap Prime

●      Dessert - Samples of the dessert flavors are Sugar Kookie and Two Cities - Kure On Tap Prime

Nicotine Usage Profile

The amount of nicotine your e-liquid contains depends primarily on you. If you’re crossing over from tobacco and cigarette, you‘ll have to take into account your past smoking habits. Typically, levels range from 0 to 24mg/ml and increase to 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, or 24mg. 

Overall the nicotine usage profile of vapers changes over time. Our Prime line enables customers to tailor their nicotine options according to their changing preferences along their vaping journey. Hence, you can reduce your nicotine intake to 0mg or increase it up to a maximum of 45mg. Factors to consider when choosing your ideal nicotine profile include: 

●      Vaping device - The type of vaping device you plan on using will depend on your smoking habits and budget. It also determines the level of nicotine you consume. 

●      Vapor output - The vapor output of your device is the ultimate determinant of the amount of nicotine you’ll consume with each puff. 

PRO TIP: Generally, your vape experience is harsher with higher nicotine levels. 

Changes in Flavor And Nicotine Profiles

As more people continue to quit conventional smoking in favor of vaping, the changes in flavor and nicotine profile also reflect device choices. It’s pretty easy to see the modifications in devices from the early days of vaping and the setups used by vapers today. 

In line with our philosophy, the Prime line provides different devices to cover every aspect of the vaping journey, irrespective of the specific point you find yourself. For instance, there are refillable tank devices that are best suited for vaping higher nicotine options. These devices usually have easy-to-use setups that enable you to refill the empty tank and replace the coils. 

On the other hand, more advanced devices allow users to enjoy lower nicotine e-liquids. They usually come with loads of vapor, lots of power, and multiple featured software to help you fine-tune your vaping experience. It might sound complicated, but no worries, they don’t come without expert advice. 

Smokers Seeking Expert Advice

Although vaping makes for a clean and convenient tobacco alternative without the associated risks of health complications, making the switch requires significant lifestyle changes. You’ll need commitment and support to stay the course for a successful transition. This can render the process challenging for most people, making our free vaping consultation essential for each step you take toward cigarette alternatives. 

We offer carefully curated products designed to cater to the specific needs of formers smokers at vantage points along the transition journey. Some of these are the alternative nicotine delivery systems and combos available in our stores. You’ll learn the how, why, and what you need to make vaping a long-term pastime until it gradually becomes the go-to method instead of smoking. You’ll have a massive variety of flavors that suit and improve your palate as your tongue recovers from the accumulated chemicals from cigarette use. 

Communicating The Vaper’s Journey

One of the most vital aspects of Kure Culture is introducing the vaper’s journey to new customers like those who are new to vaping or yet to try their first e-cigarette. These interactions are somewhat personal, firstly because every customer is an individual with different demands and questions. 

Secondly, our Kurators have been in the same shoes and understand the doubts, challenges, and concerns of a first-time vaper. They also know the thrill that awaits each customer and tries to offer the facts, advice, and recommendations required to make the journey as smooth-sailing as possible. Communication is open and accessible, with friendly staff that genuinely want to help. Many guests looking for an alternative to tobacco are doing so because of the carcinogens and chemicals. Therefore, they’re looking for an answer that helps them kick their smoking habits. We gladly provide guests with information, so they have realistic expectations.

Experience our Stores

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The design of our stores is meant to put visitors at ease and help them relax. The aim is to foster a friendly bond the moment you step through our doors - The kind of feeling that can lead to honest conversations on both sides. It’s not so much a free vaping consultation as a conversation with a friendly, trustworthy, and deeply knowledgeable vaping expert. 

In an age that emphasizes customer experience across eCommerce sites like Amazon, our brick-and-mortar stores are designed to be a step from the online shopping experience. The kind of next-level experience and interaction that guests simply can’t get online and on their phones. 

The face-to-face interactions will calm you down while the answers evaporate any doubts and misgiving you have concerning the journey from tobacco to vaping. The customer experience is a precursor of our quality flavors, e-liquids, hardware, accessories, and other products. 

Customer Care Through Credibility And Education

Each Kure store is tailor-made to have guests coming back for more. Our customer care can be likened to a treasure hunt experience. Guest know they’re in for incredible discounts, offers and products each time they interact with our staff. 

Plus, the information coming your way is fact-checked and credible. Hence, providing the education and know-how necessary to make informed choices in the entire vape market because the ultimate goal is to empower customers through credible education. 

Our Large Selection of Products

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 Whether you want to purchase high-quality e-liquid or sophisticated vape gear like sub-ohms tanks and mods, there’s more than enough variety at our stores to meet your demands. There are different vape mods, pod systems, and flavored juices for different budgets. 

You can choose to visit the online store for affordable prices or locate a store nearest you to find a bargain on our massive variety of vaping products. Our online shop allows customers to search and filter products depending on the specific type they want. Orders are shipped quickly to your doorstep. 

Our Product Guarantee

All purchases made in-store or online come with a 2-week guarantee. Not that you’ll need it, but each product purchased from any Kure CBD & Vape Store is eligible for exchange for a maximum of two weeks after purchase, provided the customer isn’t satisfied with the product. This comes in handy for new vapers still trying out different flavors and attempting to find the best combinations for their preference, making our shopping experience a great introduction to the vaping world for newbies. 

Common Misconceptions

Unlike what popular opinion would have you believe, you don’t need to start with a high nicotine device to make a successful transition from cigarette to vaping. All you need is the correct information and expert advice, which you can get when visiting our well-trained Kurators and sales staff. 

At Kure CBD and Vape, you can find the right combination of device, nicotine strength, and flavor to kickstart your vaping journey and ensure memorable experiences. 

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