Ruthless eJuice

Ruthless eJuice

Ruthless eJuice has stood up to ruthless competition with a collection of great vape juice flavors. Available as nic salts and in a freeze edition with menthol. 


Ruthless eJuice Flavors

For whatever reason, Ruthless chose an extremely confusing naming convention to hide the brilliance of their flavors. Here is a guide to Ruthless eJuices. 

Skir Skirrr: Crisp apple, honeydew, and melon flavors. 
Skir Skirrr On Ice: Apple, melon, and honeydew with menthol ice.
Ez Duz It: Strawberry and watermelon flavor notes. 
EZ Duz It On Ice: Blast of cooling ice with strawberry and watermelon flavors. 
Antidote: Blue razz and mango inspired vape juice. 
Antidote On Ice: Cooling ice fused with a mango and blu razz flavored vape juice. 
Swamp Thang: A fusion of Granny Smith and sour green apple confection flavors. 
Strizzy: Raspberry, kiwi, and strawberry notes inspired by authentic fruit flavors. 
Grape Drank: Sweet and fizzy flavor of grape soda.
Grape Drank On Ice: The same great grape pop flavor but with a kick of coolness added to the sweet Concord grape notes.
Paradize: A tropical fruit inspired flavor with passionfruit, pear and peach notes.
Rage: Mango and apple infused flavor notes. 
Tropical Thunda: Sweet guava and berry notes. 
Slurricane: Papaya, guava, and juicy peaches.

Ruthless Freeze Edition

Freeze Edition Mango Madness: Tropical mangoes with a menthol chill are the flavor profile.
Freeze Edition Joosie Red: Fresh hoosier apple notes, rather than apple confection flavors inspired this vape juice.
Freeze Edition Cherry Bomb: Sweet cherries with a tart finish coupled with menthol ice make this a delicious flavor. 
Freeze Edition Strawbrry: Classic strawberry ice flavor.
Freeze Edition Iced Out: Pure minty menthol chill. 
Freeze Edition Wtrmln: A brilliant watermelon ice flavor makes a perfect alternative to a Lush Ice disposable.
Freeze Edition Berry Blast: With flavors inspired by blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry merged with menthol ice, this is a crisp mixed berry eJuice.