Also available in disposable vape form from Hyve, Propaganda e-Liquids are available as nic salts and traditional high-VG vape juices with freebase nicotine. 

Propaganda e-Liquid Flavors

Some Propaganda e-Liquid flavors have self-explanatory names, such as Blue Frost. Others have mysterious names like Illuminati that simply make no sense and provide no insight into the flavor profile.

Here is a guide to the Propaganda legacy of vape juice flavors.  

Blue Frost: Previously named Blue Slushee, this is the blue razz, blue raspberry, sweet and crisp flavor adult vapers love. 

Cool Blue Frost: Blue razz ice. 

Illuminati: Blood orange, pineapple and other tropical fruits. 

Strawberries A La Mode: Strawberries and cream flavored vape juice with hints of vanilla ice cream. 

Juicy Grape: Concord grape flavored vape juice. 

Subliminal: Sour raspberry belts confection flavored vape juice.  

America: Classic popsicle inspired flavors of cherry, limes, and blue raspberries. 

Pink and Blue: Sweet carny spun sugar with blue razz and strawberry notes.  

Wild Fire: Smooth tobacco with hints of almond and chocolate. 

Sour Apple Dust: Inspired by the sour green apple powdered confection and white dip stick treat from summers past.