Innevape eLiquids

Innevape is a respected formulator of nic salts and regular vape juices. Their most famous flavors are Heisenberg, Vape My Day, Carousel, Chill Out and The Berg. Their lineup has since been expanded to include even more great flavor options. 


Innevape Flavors

Innevape names have changed a bit over the years. To get you up to speed, here is a guide to the naming conventions and most popular Innevape flavors. Most of their products have straight forward titles but you don't want to miss these classics. 

Heisenberg: Blue raspberry slushie. 

Vape My Day: Caramel, Hazelnut, butterscotch and waffles. 

Carousel: Spun sugar confection. Sweet strawberry and fruit notes. 

Chill Out: Sweet apples and menthol. 

The Berg: Alternate name for Heisenberg. Blue raspberry slushie.