Bad Drip Labs

Bad Drip Labs has innovative nic salt and high-VG vape juices. Their unique flavors are purely nostalgic and appeal to Gen X and Millennial vapers. 

Bad Drip Salts

Ugly Butter: Banana pudding, carnival cinnamon and sugar pastry.

Sweet Tooth: Raspberry spun sugar confection. 

Don't Care Bear: Gummy bear shaped confection, pear and peach. 

Pennywise: Strawberry and watermelon

Pennywise Iced Out: Strawberry, watermelon and menthol. 

Laffy: Blueberry, grape, and stretched, salted confection.

God Nectar: Passionfruit, orange and guava. 

Drooly: Grape confection with berry for the nerd in all of us.