Top Vape Mods of 2022

Top Vape Mods 2022

History of Vape Mods

The name vape mod, being short for modification, was originally applied to the earliest vaping hardware. They served the same purpose but were far removed from the modern vape mod in terms of performance.

The first vape mods were modified flashlights. There were also mechanical mods free of circuitry or safety features. Just five or six years ago these were widely available, often earning headlines from misuse.

Mechanical mod accidents were great for viral headlines but had little to do with the experiences of the average vaper.  Kanger, Joyetech and others were already building vape mods that would look familiar to today’s vaper.


Vape Mods 2022

The performance and reliability vape mods has improved tremendously over the years.  No one is mistaking the latest offerings from Geek Vape or Voopoo for a flashlight. The most powerful mods pretty much eliminate the need for mechanical mods entirely as they kick out 220 watts of power and more. All regulated power in a device loaded with safety features.

The fundamental trait that separates vape mods from vape pods is 510 threading for the tank. Enough power for heavy cloud production is a must, but many vape pods can also accomplish that task.  

But vape pods do not have cross compatibility with other brands through 510 threading. If you buy a vape pod kit, your replacement pods will be limited to those designed for the product.


Vape Mod Improvements

The perfected form of the vape mod was established early on. As a result, a Smok TFV4 Tank from 2015 looks an awful lot like a Smok TFV19 tank. The improvements between the two are substantial. Reducing leakage was a huge priority of every vape tank and vape mod maker. The press fit coils are much more user friendly. Bubble glass increases the e-liquid capacity without bloating the footprint of the device.


Vape Mod Controls

The basic vape mod is a square box with a screen, lock-fire button, and a pair of wattage controls to navigate the menu. As mentioned above, the 510 connection is a unifying thread in vape mods.

Most new vape mods are sold as vape mod kits. These kits come with an optimized tank and a pair of replacement coils. Outputs have also been consistent for several years, peaking at around 220 watts.

It is easy to look up the width of a vape mod. This number does not just reflect compactness. If you want to use an old tank or a different vape tank, you will want to make sure there is no overhang.


Vape Juices

The consistency of purpose and design in vape mods can be tracked to the e-liquids they burn. The market has sorted itself out and there are really only two major choices. There are salt nic juices, 50/50 VG/PG, which should NEVER be vaped in a high wattage sub-ohm tank. The nicotine strength of nic salts usually is between 24 and 50mg.

More germane to vape mod users are high-VG juices. With a 70/30 VG/PG ratio and lower strength freebase nicotine, this is fuel for your mod. Or your mod was designed to vape this juice. It all depends how you look at it. But high-VG juice and mods are linked at the hip. There are vape pods that can handle high-VG juice but nothing beats a mod in terms of performance, flavor and vapor.

High-PG, high nicotine freebase juices were once popular. These were vaped out of vape pens and filled a similar role to nic salts. But they used freebase nicotine, which has a higher pH making it harsher at higher nicotine strengths. This limited how strong a high-PG juice could be and the level of satisfaction enjoyed by the adult vapers who used these devices.


Synthetic Nicotine

Synthetic nicotine has the potential to be a vaping game changer. It has a clearer flavor than tobacco-derived nicotine. It will allow the vape industry to finally cut all ties with tobacco. Check out our feature: What is Synthetic Nicotine?


Vape Mod Coils

Despite wattage outputs in the 200 range, even the heaviest hitting coils rarely handle much more than 100 watts. Mesh coils are extremely efficient. They ramp up quickly, generate tons of vapor, great flavor and last longer than the old wound wire coil designs. For most vapers, there is rarely a need to vape at more than 50 to 80 watts with a mesh coil.


Vape Mods Kits 2022

Vape mods are usually sold in kits, although you can just buy the mod in some cases, because the two parts work together.

The tank holds e-liquid and has an atomizer coil. The mod is a the powerpack and provides control over wattage, voltage, temperature, and performance. The tank and mod attach to each other through a 510 connection and vaporizes the juice. But the most innovative vape mods of 2022 are so much more.

The technology of mods is perfected and mature. They have never been better and high quality devices have been available for years. There is always room for improvement though. Higher performance, superior ergonomics, greater reliability, more user friendly interfaces and superior durability were all focuses of the vape hardware industry in 2021. The best vape mods of 2022 showcase all of these improved attributes.


Innovative Vape Mods for 2022



Smok Scar 18 Starter Kit

The Smok TFV9 tank is an outstanding design, and the Smok Scar 18 is a perfect platform. And a rather durable one as well.

The Smok Scar 18 is IP67 certified for water resistance and is loaded with safety features. It has a sturdy zinc alloy chassis which makes this the all-day vape mod for the all-day vape.

The focus on protection has not robbed the Smok Scar 18 of punching power. Cranking out 230 watts, this is a vapor cloud generating machine.  

Despite its strong build, the Scar 18 has good ergonomics. The grippy leather is very nice. An excellent shape should also reduce the odds that you will put the IP67 protection to the test.


Smok Scar 18 Features

The 0.96” screen of the Scar-18 is your basic interface. The IQ-X chip offers nearly instant fire speeds. The controls are clear and legible. The Smok Scar 18 has an intuitive menu makes it easy to unlock this power mods potential. You will need a pair of 18650 lithium-ion batteries. These are sold separately.

The Scar 18 kit comes standard with a pair of V9 Meshed 0.15 ohm coils. The e-liquid capacity of this sub-ohm tank is 6.5ml. If you vape outdoors and live an active lifestyle, your list of choices is short when it comes to vape mods. That list should include the Smok Scar 18.



GeekVape Legend 2 L200 Starter Kit

What if the IP 67 protection isn’t enough? Maybe you demand IP68 protection? There is probably no more convoluted named in vaping than the Geek Vape Legend 2 L200. Chances are comparisons of IP67 and IP68 aren’t at the top of your mind. But the durability of the Legend 2 is worthy of note.

This is a vape mod starter kit but you will need a pair of 18650 lithium ion batteries to get it firing.  The Geek Vape L200 Aegis Legend 2 200w Vape Mod is the successor to the popular GeekVape Aegis Legend. The Legend 2 was designed to be the most durable and user-friendly vape mod on the market.


GeekVape Legend 2 L200 Starter Kit Features

The Aegis Legend 2 by Geek Vape is resistant to shock, water, and dust. The zinc alloy chassis has a serious look but it still fits comfortably in hand.  

The Aegis Legend 2 has a 1.08” TFT screen. Legible in bright sunlight, menu navigation is well thought out.  The power and durability feed 200 watts into a world beating Z 2021 tank.


Vaporesso Sky Solo Starter Kit

Tube mods were once the rage as starter kits. They provided box mod performance in a slimmer package. They also lacked the complicated controls and features that make mods a bit daunting to novice vapers.

The Vaporesso Sky Solo a perfect option for novice vapers or a veteran vaper who has fully settled into their vaping habits.  The battery is built-in. There are no controls but a fire button. The tube shape is ideal for portability. There are now disposable vapes nearly as large as this refillable design.  

The Vaporesso Sky Solo does not have a menu or screen. The Omni Mini Chip and GT Coil do all of the thinking and regulating for you. Vapor production does not suffer.


Vaporesso Sky Solo Features

The Vaporesso Sky Solo is powered by an integrated 1400mAh battery. There is also a 3000mAh Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus.

The Vaporesso Sky Solo holds 3.5ml of vape juice, the Sky Solo Plus up to 8ml. It has an output of up to 90 watts. It is only 4 inches long.  

The Vaporesso Sky Solo kit comes with a pair of 0.18 ohm Meshed Coils. This flexible coil operates best between 65 and 80 watts.

The Vaporesso GT Coil family has several higher resistance coils as well which are compatible with the Sky Solo.  Higher-resistance coil can handle more potent e-liquid strengths and turns your Sky Solo into a high-performance vape pen.

It may never be mistaken for a diminutive Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Vape Pod, but the Sky Solo delivers a level of flexibility comparable to the best vape pod kits.



Voopoo Drag 3 177w Starter Kit

Voopoo Drag 3 Ad

The Voopoo Drag 3 has big shoes to fill. The Drag and Drag 2 were smash hits. The Drag 2 is even more attractive and innovative.

A Type-C dock can increase battery charging speeds by 50 percent.  A 1.08” TFT screen is a notable upgrade on Drag 2’s rather small screen. The TPP Tank is big improvement over the earlier designs as well.


Voopoo Drag 3 Features

The Drag 3 uses an improved GENE.FAN 2.0 Chip. The major innovation, apart from improved efficiency, is High Burst Super Mode. It is their answer to Vaporesso Pulse Mode.  

The Drag 3 kit comes with two TPP atomizer coils: the TPP-DM1 0.15 ohm and TPP-DM2 0.2 ohm coils.

The Voopoo PnP tank is one of the big innovations of 2022. It can be attached to a mod with a 510 adapter or snap into one of Voopoo’s amazing Mod Pod kits.



Vaporesso Swag 2 Starter Kit

Vaporesso Swag 2 Ad

The Vaporesso Swag starter kit is a classic mini-mod which uses a single 18650 battery. The Swag 2 is not much taller than a pod system when held in your hands. It is wider and more powerful though. It has the high quality touch surfaces of larger Vaporesso mods.


Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit Features

The Vaporesso Swag 2 kit design comes with the 3.5ml NRG SE tank with a pre-installed 0.4 ohm coil. The kit also comes with the GT CCell Coil, which has a resistance of 0.5 ohms.

The Vaporesso Swag 2 has an impressively large 0.91” OLED screen. The Axon chip, also found in full-size Vaporesso vape mods, provides amazing performance.



Vaporesso Gen Nano Starter Kit



The Vaporesso Gen Nano has an integrated 2000mAh lithium-ion battery. The Swag 2 requires an 18650 battery that is sold separately. This is the biggest difference between the Swag 2 and Gen Nano in terms of hardware. But the tanks are different too, and this may work in the Gen Nano’s favor.


Vaporesso Gen Nano Features

The Vaporesso GTX tank plays a big role in the unbelievable performance of the Gen Nano. You can tap into this power with a large 0.91” screen. Install the highest resistance GTX coil and use the adjustable wattage settings to lower the output and you have a vape mod that functions like a vape pod kit.

Keep in mind that the two standard coils are not suitable for the most potent salt nic juices. The coils you want if you use e-liquids with a higher nicotine strength are sold separately. But the kit does come with a 0.6ohm GTX Mesh Coil can handle higher nicotine strength juices. It operates best between 20 and 30 watts.

The 0.2ohm GTX Mesh Coil generates more vapor, operating between 45 and 65 watts. Both coils are press fit. If flexibility is the ultimate innovation, the Gen Nano belongs at the top of the list.  



Voopoo Drag 2 Refresh Edition Starter Kit

voopoo drag 2 refresh ad

The original Voopoo Drag and gorgeous Voopoo Drag 2 were massively popular vape mod designs. Earlier, we covered the innovative Drag 3. The Drag 2 Refresh has the new tank, but the screen remains the same. It is still a best seller because it is a design that simply works.

The big change is the addition of the PnP Tank. The PnP tank is redefining vaping. We are now one step closer to a universal tank.  The PnP tank arrives ready to work on the 510 threaded Voopoo Drag 2. It is a great classic vape tank. You can also remove the 510 adapter and attach your PnP tank to one of Voopoo’s Mod Pods.  place on any of Voopoo’s Mod Pods. A pair of 18650 batteries still serves as the power bank for the Voopoo Drag 2 Refresh.


Voopoo Drag 2 Refresh Edition Features

The Voopoo Drag 2 Refresh Edition still has a 177-watt maximum output. This is the same as the original Drag 2 and the next-generation Voopoo Drag 3. The GENE.FIT chip is still competitive with the fastest firing software on the market.

Voopoo calls the PnP a Mod Pod tank. It can be press fit with magnetic connectors to a Voopoo vape pod or screwed into a vape mod’s 510 threading.

The PnP coil family is huge and covers every style of vaping. Low-wattage and high-resistance coils were not on the radar when the Drag 2 first hit the market. Now you have a reason to use the lower end of your mod’s power settings.  

The universal atomizer is the biggest innovation in vaping. The PnP tank gives us a glimpse into a future where a stock standard, fire breathing mod can be adjusted to higher nicotine vape juices.



Vaporesso Gen S Starter Kit

Vaporesso Gen S Starter Kit Ad

The Vaporesso Gen S has a classic look but is not just a run of the mill vape mod.  The 0.91” screen is outstanding. The soft touch surfaces are surprisingly pleasant and useful. The SKRR-S tank and QF coils make the Gen S a big improvement over the original Vaporesso Gen.  


Vaporesso Gen S Features

The Gen S weighs 107-grams but does not feel cheap. Vaporesso Pulse Mode is automatically activated when selected. This program pulses the coil to create densely flavored vape clouds. The Vaporesso Gen S relies on a pair of 18650 batteries and is charged using a Micro-USB port.

The Vaporesso SKRR-S Tank a capacity of 8ml. The straight glass option cuts the capacity to 5ml. The QF Meshed Coil is preinstalled and has a 0.15 ohm resistance. The QF Strip Coil has a 0.2 ohm resistance.  Both coils have a recommended wattage range of 65 to 75 watts. They are perfect for fans of max-VG and high-VG vape juice.



Smok Morph 2 Starter Kit

smok morph 2 ad

The controversial HD touch screen of the Smok Morph 2 was not a huge hit and the Smok Morph 2 has an intuitive 0.96” OLED display and classic button navigation. Power still comes from two 18650 lithium-ion batteries and the peak output is 230watts.

The Smok TFV18 tank has replaced the old Smok TF tank. With a firing speed of 0.001s, the Smok Morph 2 one of the fastest drawing mods around. The Smok Morph 2 uses the IQ-S smart chip and has a complete list of standard safety features.


Smok Morph 2 Features

The Smok TFV18 has an e-liquid capacity of 7.5ml but does not appear bulky. The coils are press fit. The TFV18 Meshed 0.33 ohm Coil is pre-installed and operates best at an imposing 100 to 110-watts.

The Smok Morph 2 also comes with a 0.15 ohm Dual Meshed Coil. It works best in the same power band. The biggest change is a newfound focus on leak reduction at Smoktech.



Vape Mod Starter Kits

You don’t have to buy a vape mod starter kit. You can still purchase a vape mod with no vape tank. Once the value of two new coils and new tank are factored in, the savings from just getting mod itself are not that great.

Neither starter kit nor vape mod will come with 18650 batteries. There are mods with integrated batteries.


Vape Pod Starter Kits

If you have no interest in ever vaping high-VG juices, a vape pod starter kit makes more sense. These are smaller devices. Even a small vape mod with high-resistance coils will not be autodraw. Vape mods are higher tech.

nic salt vape juice

But for the best results vape nic salts from a low-wattage vape pod designed for that purpose and high-VG juices from a vape mod. There are blurry lines and cross over. But the purpose built device is almost always the better option.



Vape mod starter kits are a great value. At, we make a point of stocking all the best and most innovative vape hardware. The kits described share some basic similarities but there are plenty of unique attributes. It is worth researching each model before making your selection.

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