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FIXX Tobacco-Free Nicotine Pouches Cinnamon

  • $3.49

Cinnamon FIXX Nicotine Pouches

Cinnamon FIXX Pouches use Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) and natural flavors to create an invigorating and memorable experience. TFN is manufactured by Next Generation Labs. The eucalyptus cellulose base is great platform for this form of nicotine, which has a more neutral flavor than tobacco-derived nicotine.

FIXX Nicotine Pouches are not a tobacco product and are not manufactured by the Big Tobacco Industry. You will not be supporting industrial scale tobacco cultivation or the lobbying efforts of the tobacco industry with your purchase. Cinnamon FIXX Pouches compete with tobacco-derived competition with flavor clarity and satisfaction. The cinnamon starts out with a sharp kick and segues into a smooth long-lasting flavor.  

Cinnamon is perfect blend of spicy and sweet.  Tasting not unlike your favorite sweet cinnamon gum, the bold flavors you expect in a tobacco pouch are present from the start.  The soft and perforated packs a punch but is still mild enough to be enjoyed all day. The eucalyptus cellulose has an authentic mouthfeel and is a perfect platform of FIXX’s expertly blended flavors.

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