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The Cakery, Buttercream Dream, 60ml

  • $14.99

Buttercream Dream from The Cakery E-Liquid line smothers glorious buttercream frosting all over a moist yellow cake that's stuffed with fresh strawberries and raspberries. The richness of the frosting perfectly balances out the tartness and tang of the berry flavors.
With every inhale, the sharp, tart taste of fresh raspberries strikes your palate. The tang from the strawberries joins forces with the raspberries to satisfy your fruit cravings. Meanwhile, that buttery and sweet cake base travels across the mouth, unveiling notes of vanilla that hit the spot. With each exhale, vanilla buttercream frosting adds richness and creaminess to this flavor experience, making your mouth water beyond your control.
Its 70/30 VG/PG blend allows for some awesome cloud chasing during your vape sessions.
This cake-inspired treat is complex, well-rounded, and full of exciting flavor notes that keep the palate in a state of tremendous excitement.

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