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Tasty Clouds, High VG, Melrose, 60ml

  • $14.99

Melrose - High VG is a beverage-inspired flavor that's unlike any other. Instead of creating another lemonade-flavored e-liquid, Tasty Cloud concocted a truly unique refresher in the form of lychee-infused limeade. The zest from the sharp lime flavor balances out the crisp sweetness of the lychee flavor wonderfully with a cooling menthol twist.

The inhale excites your taste buds with the bright and zesty taste of freshly squeezed lime juice. The natural sweetness of the lime begins to come through as a splash of crisp, exotic lychee juice splashes your palate. On the exhale, the sugary notes of limeade take over, pleasing your sweet tooth while satisfying your thirst.

Every pull will soothe your mind, allow you to create huge vape clouds, and revitalize your palate.

Contains Menthol

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