Tasty Clouds Classic, The Goods, 120ml - Kure Vapes

Tasty Clouds Classic, The Goods, 120ml

  • $20.99

If the combination of creamy bananas and juicy strawberries tantalizes your taste buds like nothing else can, The Goods from the Tasty Cloud Classic collection is going to blow you away. Inspired by a refreshing and creamy fruit smoothie, this e-liquid blends these two fruits together in a way that truly hits the spot.

Every inhale squirts tangy strawberry juice onto your tongue. As the strawberry flavor drifts across the mouth, its juiciness and sweetness intoxicate you. Then, the smooth, creamy banana flavor appears on the tongue. Each exhale leaves you feeling replenished.

With a balanced blend, you’ll be able to experience some smooth and flavorful throat hits.

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