Tasty Clouds Classic, Dragonaire, 120ml - Kure Vapes

Tasty Clouds Classic, Dragonaire, 120ml

  • $20.99

Dragonaire from the Tasty Cloud Classic collection is an innovative blend of fruity flavors that delivers a chilly menthol finish. Exotic dragon fruit is blended with smooth, creamy cantaloupe and candied watermelon slices. Then, this fruity fusion is drizzled with ice-cold menthol to provide you with a truly rejuvenating vape.

When you inhale, the crisp and complex taste of fresh dragon fruit seduces your palate. Then, the refreshing taste of cantaloupe drips its juice down your tongue. Candied watermelon emerges on the taste buds, adding a hint of sugar to the flavor profile. Each exhale slams your tongue with cold menthol.

With an even blend, you’ll be able to experience some smooth throat hits.

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