Phrut Synthetics Salt - Purple Lemon

  • $19.99

Purple Lemon by PHRUTE Synthetics Salt is a grape infused flavor experience designed for use in a refillable vape pod kit. Pulling together the citrus and grape flavors are the tart and sweet notes of fresh cranberry.

Concord Grape is a sweet flavor. But Purple Lemon is not overwhelmingly sugary because of the addition of lemon, lime, and cranberry notes. The grape flavor remains distinct, but the excessive sweetness is tempered.

The citrus one-two punch heavily features lime. Lime brings the citrus kick and dash of sweetness. Cranberry is the final flavor profile. It is not overwhelming but easily discerned thanks to the use of TFN.

Purple Lemon by PHRUT Synthetics Salt is a lemon, lime, cranberry, and grape salt nic juice. The available nicotine strengths are 35 and 50mg. Purple Lemon is sold in 30ml bottles. A fantastic blend of complimentary flavors that can be vaped all day.

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