Phrut Synthetics - Honey Phrut

  • $21.99

Honey Phrut by PHRUT Synthetic is the max-VG juice that adult vapers need. Formulated for use in a vape mod or a more powerful vape pod design, the guava, pear, peach, caramel, and honey flavors elevate each vape cloud into a total flavor experience. 

The use of tropical guava helps to cut through the sweetness of caramel, honey, peach, and pear notes. An excellent peach vape juice flavor provides plenty of ripeness. A perfectly ripe pear flavor round out this outstanding flavor profile. Adult vapers are almost sure to love PHRUT Synthetic Honey Phrut. It has a surplus of balance and precision crafted flavor.

Honey Phrut by PHRUT Synthetic has a deceptive name. This max-VG juice flavor blends guava, peach, pear, and caramel flavors together with a dollop of honey. Sold in 100ml bottles, the available nicotine strengths are 3 and 6mg.

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