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Nude - GAS

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GAS by Nude eJuice is a combination of Guava, Apple, and Strawberry.

Bottle Size: 120ml
Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Customer Reviews
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Dear Anya Neez

why make fake reviews on sites, i found 14 results of the same image you have used or others have used dates all the way back to Sep 1, 2019 thats when that image first hit the internet, your welcome Kure dont worry about the fake posters i got you

Anya Neez
I Almost Died

I hit the GAS vape and I almost had a seizure. As soon as I took a puff, my body started to cramp, and my toes turned black. I then started to convulse, and prejectile vommited, and was choking on it. I also had a massive, wet diarrhea, and was in uncomfortable distress. If my step-dad wasn't alone with me, I would've died on the spot. As soon as I got to the hospital, they told me the vape has a toxin that poisons your cells, and can cause erectile dysfunction and Argentina. I'm going to Surpeme Court because of negligence of this company in producing an "anti-stress" formula, which had left my right foot paralyzed. Fuck you Kure!!

John F.

Great Flavor Combination!

John F.

Great Combo.

Cristie B.
Very Happy

I've been riding from this site for a few years & I'm never disappointed! The Vape Juice has amazing flavor & is perfectly described in the description. I Vape a 0 Nicotine & the flavor is smooth & fruity. The email adv is always welcome to see upcoming sales. I always highly recommend this site!

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