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Product Details

The iClear 30S is a top-coil clearomizer with amazing attention to detail. The 1.5-ohm dual coil has 16 wicks to ensure that each of the dual-coils get enough liquid and never dry out and have a bad taste. The mouthpiece screws on for stability. The shape of the mouthpiece reduces e-liquid backup and leaking. The clear tube sits inside the top and bottom caps to keep liquid from seeping out through the seams. The 30S differs from the original in that the wicks are now inside the center post. The new design provides better flavor and more consistent wicking. The iClear30S also has an improved draw. While the original was infamous for its tight draw, the iClear30S has a lighter, more natural draw to it. Holds 3.0mL of e-liquid and produces a ton of vapor!

Please Note: There is no warranty, exchange, return or refund on clearomizers. The clearomizers are shown in a 510 tank holder in the group picture. The tank holder is for display purposes only and not included with the tank.

> Top-Coil Design

> Improved Draw

> Enhanced Flavor