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Hyde Color Disposable, 1.6ml, 25mg

  • $9.99

Hyde Original Disposable Pod Vape - 25mg Salt Nicotine - 

The exciting new disposable pod vape by Hyde is here! Featuring a sealed, single-piece unit (no assembly required) with a pre-filled 1.8mL pod tank built-in. Enjoy up to 450 puffs per device (*depending on the length of inhales) Perfectly balanced with 2.5% (25mg) or 5% (50mg) salt nicotine, you can curb those cravings with fewer, more flavorful puffs.

Instructions: Remove rubber cap and seal from mouth-piece and inhale when needed until the battery dies.

Glowing LED.

380mAh battery.

Up to 450* puffs.

1.8mL pre-filled pod tank.

25mg salt nicotine content.

Button-less activation. Just inhale.

One-piece construction. No assembly required.

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