Freemax FireLuke Tank

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Freemax FireLuke Tank

FreeMax‚ introduces‚ their‚ FireLuke‚ Sub-Ohm‚ Tank,‚ a‚ 25mm‚ diameter,‚ threaded‚ top‚ fill‚ system‚ with‚ a‚ unique‚ bubbled‚ tank‚ section.‚ The‚ tank‚ can‚ hold‚ a‚ maximum‚ of‚ 5ml‚ of‚ E-Liquid‚ but‚ includes‚ a‚ 4ml‚ glass‚ tank‚ section‚ with‚ a‚ thinner‚ bubbled‚ profile.‚ The‚ FireLuke‚ SubOhm‚ Tank‚ comes‚ in‚ a‚ wide‚ array‚ of‚ finishes‚ including‚ stainless‚ steel,‚ black,‚  ‚ or‚ colored‚ resins.‚ The‚ FireLuke‚ utilizes‚ the‚ FireLock‚ coil‚ family‚ and‚ comes‚ with‚ a‚ 0.15‚ ohm‚ sextuple‚ coil‚ that‚ can‚ be‚ ran‚ from‚ 60‚ to‚ 140W‚ and‚ an‚ RTA‚ section‚ with‚ a‚ stacked‚ two‚ post‚ build‚ deck‚ and‚ two‚ terminals‚ per‚ post.‚ Airflow‚ enters‚ the‚ FireLuke‚ via‚ dual‚ adjustable‚ bottom‚ airslots‚ that‚ can‚ be‚ fully‚ closed. A proprietary 13mm bore drip‚ tip allows‚ the‚ user‚ to‚ intake‚ adequate‚ amounts‚ of‚ vapor‚ with‚ ample‚ flavor.‚ With‚ its‚ unique‚ bubbled‚ tank‚ section‚ and‚ high‚ performance‚ coils,‚ the FreeMax‚ FireLuke‚ Sub-Ohm‚ Tank‚ offers‚ a‚ stylistic‚ design‚ and‚ colorways.


  • High-Temperature Resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • Top Refill Design
  • Leak Proof Design
  • High Working Power
  • Massive Clouds and Excellent Taste


Capacity: 5mL (4mL glass also‚  included)

Thread: 510

Material: Resin Material and 316 Stainless Steel

Compatible Coils:

  • Sextuple 0.15 Ohm (60W-140W)
  • Kanthal DVC 0.15 Ohm (80W-180W)

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