Efest LUC Blu6 OLED Charger

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Efest LUC Blu6 OLED Charger

The Blu6 Charger from eFest is perfect for people who go through mutliple batteries every day, or use multiple mods and like to have batteries always charged and ready to go! The Blu6 has 6 bays and can utilize up to a total of 4A while charging. The OLED screen displays the current battery voltage, the real-time charging current, and the speed you have the bay set to while cycling between each bay that has a battery in it. You can view a specific bay's information by pressing the button in front of it. You can also connect your phone to the charger via the eFest app to change settings and view the charging status.

The Blu6 can charge as fast as 2A, with a total current of 4A for the whole charger. Here's how this works:

To charge at 2A, the battery or batteries must be placed in Bay 1 and/or Bay6, as these are the only bays that support 2A charging. While charging 2 batteries at this speed, you won't be able to use the other 4 bays. (2A + 2A = 4A) 4A is the maximum total current for the entire charger.

All 6 bays can charge at either 500mA or 1A. A maximum of 4 batteries can be charged simultaneously at 1A. (1A + 1A + 1A + 1A = 4A)

While charging 6 batteries simultaneously, 2 of those batteries can charge at 1A, while the others must charge at 500mA. (1A + 1A + 0.5A + 0.5A + 0.5A + 0.5A = 4A)

When a new battery is inserted, the Blu6 defaults to 500mA. If you already have more than enough batteries at the ready, you can simply skip the math, insert your batteries, and let them charge at the default 500mA. All 6 bays can charge at 500mA simultaneously.

To change charging speeds, press the button in front of the bay you would like to change. Then, press the button next to the OLED screen. The Blu6 can also charge Ni-Cd and NiMH 1.2V batteries, and resurrect overdischarged cells. Keep in mind that if your 3.7V IMR battery has been discharged below 1.5V, the Blu6 will recognize this as a 1.2V battery, and only charge it to 1.5V. It's recommended that you never discharge an IMR battery below 3.3V.

The Blu6 charger also has an integrated transformer built into the device. This allows you to use a smaller AC power cord that doesn't cover additional sockets in your wall or power strip. This charger is compatible with most IMR batteries, including 18650s, 18350s, 18500s, and 26650s.

The eFest Blu6 Charger leaves no stone unturned when it comes to features, and is ideal for anyone who always wants to be prepared!

> Bluetooth Enabled: Can be Controlled Via Smartphone App

> Charges up to 6 Batteries Simultaneously

> Uses up to 4A Total Charging Current