Chilled Milk - Caramel Coffee - 100ML - Kure Vapes

Chilled Milk - Caramel Coffee - 100ML

  • $24.99

Chilled Milk - Caramel Coffee is a smooth and satisfying coffee beverage that's mellowed out by velvety milk and a luxurious drizzle of sweet caramel. The milky flavor has a cooling effect on the tongue, giving you the sensation of drinking a chilled coffee beverage from a high-end cafe.
The inhale gives you a splash of iced coffee that soaks your taste buds. This coffee flavor is assertive in the best way possible. The mild bitterness of the coffee makes you salivate while the nutty and earthy notes slowly blossom. Then, a rush of sweet, slightly salty caramel flows over your tongue. The sugary caramel taste clings to your sweet tooth as cold, creamy milk floods the palate on the exhale.
Every hit of Caramel Coffee vape juice will satisfy your coffee cravings without giving you a caffeine high.

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