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Boulder Viridian Pen

  • $21.99

O P T I M I Z E D   F O R   C O N C E N T R A T E S .

Using the incomparable form factor of our iconic Boulder ROCK as a starting point, we've engineered a new version designed expressly for concentrates. Meet the Boulder Viridian, which creates a new benchmark for discreet ease and satisfaction in concentrate vaping. To derive the Viridian's smooth, consistent draw, our team created an all-new vapor module thermally optimized for plant-based concentrates. Incredibly efficient, both in vapor output and battery management, the module is powered by a specially tuned chipset that provides ideal, real-time power allocation. You get both satisfying vapor and a long battery life. All this in a size and shape that perfectly fits in your hand and pocket, and charges in any USB port without a cable. A new benchmark in concentrate vaping, the Viridian is sure to become another classic from Boulder Cigs.

USB Quick Charge

Optimized for Concentrates

Discreet Form Factor

GREAT FEEL, PERFECT SIZE - The Boulder Viridian's clever design features a premium custom textured finish for an enhanced grip. A three-push safety button keeps things confident when the device is stored in your pocket or bag. Sleek, powerful, and long-lasting, the compact Viridian is perfectly sized for stealth vaping and looks great when you don't need to be stealthy.

EASY REFILLING - The Boulder Viridian's newly engineered tank system has been designed from the ground up for plant-based concentrates. To refill the device, simply insert the bottle nozzle into the refillable 1.5mL cartridge and gently squeeze until full.

Technical Specifications:

Materials: high quality, food grade 304 steel

Size: 124mm x 11mm x 20mm

Battery Capacity: 360mAh

Charge Time: 45 minutes (built-in USB charger)

Color: Green

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