Kure CBD & Vape | Charlotte, NC - Madison Park (Montford)

1730 Abbey Pl
Charlotte, NC 28209

Kure CBD & Vape | Charlotte, NC - Madison Park (Montford)

Located by Luisa's Pizzeria in the Montford Abbey shopping center, Kure CBD & Vape - Montford is your ultimate one-stop shop for high-quality vape, CBD, and botanical products! Kure has the best selection of cutting-edge vape mods, disposables, hardware, pods, coils, and a variety of botanicals, from CBD topicals to delta-8 vapeables, kratom and more!  

Kure provides a personalized experience tailored to you, and our team will help you find the right vape devices, e-liquids, and botanicals amongst our wide selection. Available only at Kure is our Prime Bar, featuring our high-quality Prime e-liquid line, formulated to deliver the perfect vape each time!  

Kure offers a superior rewards program, the best local prices, and an in-store Two Week You Love It Guarantee on many of our products. We’ve got your back! If you’re not satisfied with your product, exchange it for something you really love. 

Kure has everything you need to make your experience the best, so stop in and check out all our great deals! 

Kurator's Choice


The manager is really good, he has good manners. He also gives good advices for the new clients. I came to him from a Western North Carolina last week, and I will stay come to him each time I want to buy stuff. The E liquid we bought from him has very good flavors. They got an almost perfect costumer service!

Ali A.

They were very patient & helped me to totally upgrade my vaping hardware, which was very reasonably priced. What I had was over 5 years old and starting to fall apart. Love the upgrades on the new devices. Thanks guys.

UPDATE: Discovered today that the more you buy the cheaper it gets (up to a point I guess). 😂 I'm really liking this place.

Mac M.

Beautiful place, friendly, knowledgeable staff, and they were the only store that had the item I was looking for.

Lorri R.

I recently started vaping to stop smoking, and I plan on quitting vaping before too long as well. I’ve been here a couple times and the staff has been GREAT. They helped me pick out an easy to use vape that’s been working great, and recommend a good nicotine amount to help me quit. Seriously they’ve been so kind, helpful, and informative I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jocelyn S.

Harrison has a fantastic personality! Very professional and knowledgeable. The cleanliness of the store is phenomenal, with great options for juice. Thank you so much for the experience.


Great selection and prices were better than expected. The guys were very friendly and helpful.

Amy G.