Kure CBD & Vape | Charlotte, NC - Arboretum

8042 Providence Rd STE 1300
Charlotte, NC 28277

Kure CBD & Vape | Charlotte, NC - Arboretum

Located off Providence Road, Kure CBD & Vape - Arboretum is your ultimate one-stop shop for high-quality vape, CBD, and botanical products! Kure has the best selection of cutting-edge vape mods, disposables, hardware, pods, coils, and a variety of botanicals, from CBD topicals to delta-8 vapeables and more 

Kure provides a personalized experience tailored to you, and our team will help you find the right vape devices, e-liquids, and botanicals amongst our wide selection. Available only at Kure is our Prime Bar, featuring our high-quality Prime e-liquid line, formulated to deliver the perfect vape each time!

Kure offers a superior rewards program, the best local prices, and an in-store Two Week You Love It Guarantee on many of our products. We’ve got your back! If you’re not satisfied with your product, exchange it for something you really love. 

Kure has everything you need to make your experience the best, so stop in and check out all our great deals! 

Kurator's Choice


The people who work here are rad. Dude with the long hair is awesome. I'm bad with names so I can't remember. The other guys that work there are cool but the one black dude always acts like he just wants to get the sale over with/you're bothering him.

Travis Cashwell

I had a vape broken beyond repair but they tried to help me fix it and when we couldnt fix it they got me a great deal on a vape.

jeffrey cillie

This store is my favorite Kure location! The staff is wonderful and always feel welcomed when entering the store. The juice is amazing and great for its price!

Cameron Black

Had issues with a device I bought a couple weeks back. Staff was extremely helpful and tried to fix the device. I come often and love the staff, they're very friendly and knowledgeable. the supervisor was extremely helpful with the issue as well as the other rep.

Karin Larson

Kure is on their game! I usually am in the University area and go to the store there, but my work had me down in this area today. As always excellent customer service. And the mixologists making the house juice are very knowledgable, and make great flavor blends.

Andy Kerr