Kure CBD and Vape - Charlotte, NC (Montford)

1730 Abbey Pl #2,
Charlotte, NC 28209, USA
Monday- Saturday 10AM-8PM
Sunday 12PM-6PM

Kure CBD and Vape - Charlotte, NC (Montford)

'KURE™ Vaporium is a premium, uniquely tailored vape shop and CBD retail store with locations across the country, with this vaporium servicing the Charlotte region. KURE’s™ primary vape products are its distinct line of custom blended high-end flavored e-Juices, as well as popular third party brands of advanced hardware and select eLiquids and CBD products.

Kurator's Choice


If you have a vaping emergency, go here. Otherwise order online. Their house juice is good but costs literally ten times what you can get it for online. Mods and other vaping accessories are all marked up at least 30% as well. It is justified because any business needs to turn a profit. I get it. Only go if you can't wait for shipping.

Tyler Floyd

Wonderful staff and prices are not too horrible as well. I will most definitely return. And their juice options for KOT is a very wide variety and I personally recommend a monster energy flavor or a flavor called Betty Boop (or white) it is a tropical fruit blend (optional a little menthol)

Leprion DoesMC

Great place good prices also be sure to try out their ejuice samples

Elijah Mable

I had a great time at this place trey thank u for hospitality and warm welcome

Wallena Jamison

Beautiful place, friendly, knowledgeable staff, and they were the only store that had the item I was looking for.

Lorri Rivas

Give theae guys a raise. They know their stuff. Sold me a badass vape for way.more than o was planning to pay. Sold me on quality .and made.me a.custom juice I love . Yay for this shop!!

Steve Podielsky