Tasty Clouds Classic, Stay Gold, 120ml - Kure Vapes

Tasty Clouds Classic, Stay Gold, 120ml

  • $20.99

Stay Gold from the Tasty Cloud Classic collection is a tobacco flavor that goes above and beyond. Rich, nutty tobacco has notes of smooth vanilla and sugary caramel. The flavor of candied apples is added to provide you with a complex taste that will make you want to take hit after hit.

The inhale satisfies your analog cravings with the remarkably smooth and nutty taste of cured tobacco. A breeze of aromatic vanilla runs across the tongue as the gentle crispness of candied apples appears on the tip of the palate. With every exhale, you'll taste the sugary caramel and the apple's sweet candy coating.

Prepare to win the “gold” when it comes to an awesome vaping experience with every hit of this incredible e-liquid.

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