Silverback Juice Co.

Why don't we devise a delicious collection of nic salts and traditional vape juices and name them after famous gorillas? That was the mission statement at Silverback and they have really delivered the goods. Whether you seek smooth nic salts and traditional vape juices, they have a flavor for every adult vaper. 

Silverback Juice Co. Flavors

Integral to the mission of creating a Silverback themed line-up of vape juice flavors was also naming these flavors, which contain myriad delicious flavor elements, after various celebrity primates. Here is a guide to the Silverback Juice Co. flavors.  

Harambe: Cinnamon sweetened rum with creamy notes. 

Booboo: Grape and blueberry flavors.

Paco: Hard apple confection with tart and sweet notes.

Jack: Watermelon, strawberries, cooling cucumber notes, and fresh mint flavors. 

Cody: Vineyard grapes and blueberry flavors.  

Sandy: Watermelon bubblegum in a strawberry confection hardshell flavor. 

Rocky: Banana, strawberry ice cream, and creamy milkshake flavors.

Lola: Strawberry, dragonfruit, and banana flavors. 

Jenny: Minty watermelon bubblegum with tangy strawberry hard shelled confection notes. 

Amy:  Vanilla bean notes, smooth caramel, and crunchy peanut butter flavors.