One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid

One Hit Wonder first earned attention from vapers with their famous series of vape juices, also known as "The Man" collection.  Today they have a wide range of flavors in their "Man" series, undermining any claims that they are a one hit wonder.  

One Hit Wonder Salts

The Man Hi Nic Salts e-Liquid is the flagship of their nic salt line. The original One Hit Wonder eJuices were pure mod fuel and absolutely delightful.

One Hit Wonder produces a bit more vapor than many nic salts with a 60/40 VG/PG split. The flavors are there. It is clear why One Hit Wonder has so many smash hits on their hands. 

One Hit Wonder Flavors

They certainly are no One Hit Wonder at this point.

Muffin Man: Warm cinnamon muffin with sweet apple notes.

Mini Muffin Man: Sweet strawberry muffin flavors. 

Island Man: Tropical fruit punch flavor. 

Island Man Ice: Tropical fruit punch with menthol ice. 

The Man: Strawberry and cream. 

My Man: Neapolitan ice cream flavor. Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream notes.

Rocket Man: Greek yogurt, blueberry, and granola flavors.

Magic Man: Sweet and tart watermelon gummy confection flavor with mixed fruit notes.

Army Man: Key lime pie flavor, with citrus and custard notes. 

Fire Man: Pink lemonade.