Hyppe Disposables

Hyppe Disposable Vapes

The draw-activated and prefilled Hyppe Bar was an early entrant into the world of nic salt disposables. Competing with Puff Bar, Posh and other famous purveyors of one-time use, draw activated vape pens for adults, their flavors have stood the test time and their design technology is at the front of there pack.

The quality of their devices has been consistently updated as well, with current models vastly improved over the first generation of stick bar disposable vapes that held 1.3ml of nic salts or less.

What they retain are the great flavors and ease of use. Hype Disposable vapes are eady to use out of the box and loaded with 50mg strength nicotine salts

Hyppe Bar Models

Hyppe Disposables are a perfect alternative to gas station and convenience store prefilled vape pod kits. Hyppe Disposables are still sold in the flavors that the vast majority of adult vapers, particularly nic salt and MTL vapers, prefer. 

Here are a few of the most trusted disposable vape designs by Hyppe. 

Hyppe Max Mesh: 6ml capacity, 2000 estimated puffs. 

Hyppe Max Flow Tank 3K: 1000mAh lithium ion battery, adjustable air flow, estimated 3000 puffs, 50mg nicotine strength, and 8ml nic salt capacity. 

Hyppe Flow Mesh 2K: 6ml capacity, estimated 2000 puffs, 50mg nicotine strength, mesh coil, and a 900mAh battery.