Humble Juice Co.

There is nothing humble about the quality of the flavors churned out by Humble Juice Co. Available as classic, high-VG vape juice and nic salts, 

the master formulators at Humble Juice Company have created a masterful collection of superb flavors. 

Humble Juice Company has a unique naming convention, but the flavors are exactly of the style adult vapers prefer.


Some Humble Juice Co names have changed and some are simply not very descriptive. Here is a guide to a few of their legacy flavors. 

American Dream: Fruity cereal bar and cool milk flavors. 

Berry Blow Doe: Also known as blue raspberry chew, this confection flavor features raspberry and blueberry in hardshell and fresh fruit form. 

Donkey Kahn: Strawberry, banana and dragonfruit flavors. 

Guava Kahn: Strawberry, banana, dragonfruit, tropical fruit noes and guava. 

Smash Mouth: Strawberry custard flavors. 

Sweater Puppets: Honeydew, cantaloupe, and mango flavors.