Tailored Iced Tea Salts

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Tailored‚ Iced Tea‚ E Liquid‚ focuses all of their efforts on making some of the most delightful fruit based vape juice blends that you have ever had in your entire life with the ingredient salt nicotine that gives you so much extra satisfaction.

Peach‚ Tea Salt by Tailored House Salts‚ starts with their exclusive, freshly-brewed iced tea blend. This light and aromatic flavor is then complemented with the perfect amount of juicy peaches, which results in a bright, refreshing, and delectable e-juice that is truly unmatched.‚ **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**

Raspberry Tea Salt by Tailored House Salts is an exceptionally crafted flavor, expertly balancing notes of invigorating sweet tea and tart raspberries for a refreshing buzz to the senses. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**

Strawberry Lemonade by Tailored Iced Tea Salts provides a vibrant blend of delicious strawberries mixed in a refreshing pool of zesty lemonade for a vivacious blend. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**

Pink Palmer Salt by Tailored House is a carefully crafted blended pink lemonade consisting of zesty lemons and icy menthol with subtle hints of refreshing sweet tea to round out the flavor. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**

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