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Boulder Rock Pod System

  • $19.99

Boulder Rock Pod System

Battery Capacity: 360mAh

Simplicity and satisfaction perfectly shaped to fit in your hand or pocket

Rugged and good looking

From its distinct mountain range to its luxurious textured finish, it looks great on your desk, dining table, or in your hand.

  • Dimension: 4.88‚ x 0.43‚x 0.79‚ or 124 x 11 x 20mm

Quick Charging

  • High Quality battery retains 80% of its‚„ capacity after 300 charge cycles.


  • The Boulder Rock uses a standard USB port for recharging, charge anywhere without the need for a cable or charger.


  • Insert nozzle of e-liquid bottle a short way into the refilling port and gently squeeze until full. Rock is made ‚ to work with genuine Boulder e-liquid only.‚ 


Customer Reviews
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Sharon K.
Rude costumes service. I paid

Rude costumes service.
I paid for 2 day delivery it took them at least 4 days to mail it, it didn't arrive till 7 days later then only worked for a week.
I didn't both telling them it stopped working, not worth arguing with your customer service person.

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