Nicotine Pouches 101: FIXX TFN

Nicotine Pouches 101

FIXX Pouches are made with Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN). They do not contain tobacco or tobacco-derived nicotine. FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches are not made by a tobacco company.

Utilizing Tobacco Free Nicotine, the premier non-tobacco nicotine on the market and a product of Next Generation Labs, FIXX Nicotine Pouches are authentic and satisfying. The best part is that your purchase does not support Big Tobacco and their myriad lobbying and regulatory initiatives.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical. This product is for adult tobacco users who are over the age of 21. We do not recommend this product to anyone who does not currently vape, smoke, or use smokeless tobacco.


Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches

If you are an adult who currently uses tobacco products or an electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), it is worth examining the revolutionary new FIXX Nicotine Pouch. FIXX TFN Pouches are a viable alternative if you are currently a tobacco user seeking a smoke and vapor free lifestyle.

FIXX Pouches are a “spit free product”. Unlike dipping tobacco, FIXX Pouches do not produce an excess colored saliva and the juices can be swallowed . This makes a FIXX Pouches a great fit for current users and fans of other nicotine pouch products.

FIXX TFN Pouches are a great option if you are always on the go. Stop by your local Kure Vapes if you have any questions about FIXX TFN Products or any of our full-line of vaping accessories. Our staff will be delighted to assist you.


FIXX TFN Pouches

FIXX TFN Pouches

FIXX Pouches were developed from the ground up as the perfect smokeless Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) product. FIXX incorporated the most popular elements of similar products to put a unique spin on a classic design. FIXX is an affordable, satisfying and most importantly flavorful alternative.

If you are new to nicotine pouches, you may note that the lid has a piece on the center that detaches and pops back into place. That is not a manufacturers error. That is the catch lid. As a FIXX Nicotine Pouch can last an hour, there are many scenarios where you may need to remove it while it still contains plenty of great flavor and TFN.

The catch lid serves as a temporary storage area to reduce waste. You never have to return a half-finished FIXX Pouch back into the tin where the others are stored. More commonly, the catch lid is used to store used pouches if you do not have access to a trash can or even a piece of gum. 


Each individual pack of FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine holds 20 pouches. There are two available nicotine strengths, 3 and 6mg. There are seven popular flavors to choose from.


The Best Way to Use Your FIXX Pouch

Most FIXX Nicotine Pouch users place the product between their upper lip and gum. While some may assume this is a sublingual product like some CBD tinctures, the under the tongue placement is less common due to simple convenience concerns. It is much easier to converse and go about your daily routine when the pouch is discretely tucked into your upper lip.

Also, the flavor and sensation are probably a bit intense for under the tongue. FIXX has packed a lot of flavor into this little pouch. It becomes and cool fairly quickly but there is an initial burst.


Where to Place a FIXX TFN Pouch

A product like the FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches is most often placed between lips and gums. This may seem second nature to an experienced customer but might be a new experience for a vaper or smoker. 

A FIXX Nicotine Pouch can last for up to an hour and most users keep them in place between 10 minutes and a half hour. You do not need a spittoon or similar uncouth receptacle when using FIXX Nicotine Pouches. If you are in a location where vaping is not an option, but a nicotine pouch is acceptable, you may want to give this product a try. 

FIXX Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches are primed, and pH balanced. All you need to do is open the container. The pouches are soft and perforated. FIXX contains no tobacco. FIXX uses a eucalyptus-derived cellulose base. It is a unique yet authentic mouthfeel. The key to the experience is the combination of TFN and well executed flavor profiles. 


FIXX TFN Flavors

FIXX TFN Pouches are available in seven flavors. It is no accident that FIXX selected these popular flavors that adults prefer.

There are several derivations of the menthol and mint available: Wintergreen, Spearmint and Mint. Each one is distinct. Wintergreen is chilly but not quite as sweet as Spearmint. Mint itself is a bit more herbal. You are bound to have a favorite but all three are outstanding.

FIXX TFN Pouches also come in Mixed Berry and Citrus Rush. Both flavors benefit from the neutral flavor profile of TFN. Then there is a Cinnamon flavor that hits you with a spicy kick of cinnamon.  This is a unique and crisp flavor.

The final flavor option is the Tobacco FIXX TFN Pouch. On paper, this flavor has its work cut out for it. There is no tobacco anywhere in the pouch and it is competing head to head with actual tobacco products. FIXX Managed to pull it off, the neutral TFN flavor providing a blank canvas where they were able to fill in with flue-cured sweetness and the earthy punch of a great tobacco flavor.  

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